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Tsubasa Chronicle
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Tsubasa Chronicle
InuYasha (TV)
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InuYasha (TV)
Both of these follow strong-willed guys, who travel with a female companion(with hints of romance), while searching for feathers/shards.
report Recommended by LiuPi
Inuyasha is a group of 5 collecting Jewel Shards Tsubasa is a group of 5 collecting Feathers They both have fight scenes lol
report Recommended by usagimakeup
It's similar because, in both of the series they are in search for shattered pieces.. Also the two main characters are in love!
report Recommended by LightofDarkness
Besides the obvious fact that both have a male lead and a female counter part, but in both animes the travel with strangers in order to accomplish what they want, (InuYasha=Shards, Tsubasa=Feathers). From the second episode of Tsubasa you get the InuYasha feeling.
report Recommended by Duh_lyssa
In both series the main character and the heroine travel together with other companions they met in the beginning if the story to gather shrads ( in Inuyasha - of the Shikon jewel and in Tsubasa - of Sakura's memories). And the antogonists are trying to gather them first.
report Recommended by Narushisto
They keep that lovely feeling of 'this could happen to you'. The humor is a lot alike, and the serious parts on both will make you cry for the same reasons. For anyone who loves adventure, action, ninja/samurai, romance, etc.
report Recommended by Hanalun
Both shows follow a 'collect 'em all' format- in Inuyasha, they're trying to find shards of the Shikon Jewel while in Tsubasa they're trying to find scattered memories in the form of feathers. There's romance in both shows and you can see hints of Inuyasha's characters in those of Tsubasa, although Kagome and Sakura are especially similar. If you liked Tsubasa, I think you'll love Inuyasha.
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney