Non Non Biyori, Mitsuboshi Colors Recommendations

Non Non Biyori
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Non Non Biyori
Mitsuboshi Colors
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Mitsuboshi Colors
Well, both animes follow the adventures of a group of children, mainly girls, around their city, exploring and enjoying their lives all along the way. Very nice and relax to watch.
report Recommended by Thatios
Adventures of group of young girls exploring their surrounding and doing some mischief in a way. Cute as heck.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both focus on children being, you guessed it, actual children. They act their age, unlike every other anime child. And they're both extremely delightful to watch. Enjoy!
report Recommended by hashigamon
Both are slice of life anime which are mainly focus on the group of overly adorable girls. Both are heartwarming slice of life anime and definitely enjoyable.
report Recommended by TheDoggoneGirl
Non Non Biyori -> Cute girls doing cute things in a peaceful rural countryside. Mitsuboshi Colors -> Cute girls doing cute things in a busy urban city.
report Recommended by sajhino
Essentially, Mitsuboshi Colors is a sillier series featuring younger kids and similar dynamics but now with a more urban backdrop and less school time
report Recommended by NWL11
Both are slice of life, with both cute and funny moments.
report Recommended by HylianEevee