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Non Non Biyori is placed in rural Japan in a tiny town and focuses on the main cast's daily lives in school and out exploring the world around them. Non Non Biyroi sets a very calm and relaxed mood similar to Flying Witch. Flying witch is a coming of age story focused on a not-so-traditional witch who is sent off by her family and explores growing up and becoming an adult. Each series is slice of life genre with added comedy. If you enjoyed the pacing and atmosphere in either show I would recommend the other.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Great gentle BGM/OST, countryside setting and a nice slow pace with characters that fit their age well too.
report Recommended by Tinz
Slow paced shows that take place in rural Japan. Both are considered Iyashikei or "healing" anime. Very soothing to watch. No real plot, just showcasing a slow paced, simple, rural life in Japan.
report Recommended by Bajar
Both shows feature a main character that moves to the countryside and follows their lives adjusting to a new setting. Both have quirky random humor and are easy-going slice of lifes. Only difference is in Flying Witch the main character is a witch, whereas in Non Non Biyori there is no magic.
report Recommended by OmegaOtaku
The setting and relaxing atmosphere are main similarities between these shows. They also have similar episodic nature, with heavy emphasis on slice of life elements.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
they're both slice of life, healing animes set in rural parts of japan. not much going on, but they both have a nice, cozy, zen feel to them. and both have good underplayed jokes
report Recommended by lokkeduen
Both Non Non Biyori and Flying Witch are set in a rural place with the main character (Makoto Kowata in FW, Hotaru Ichijou in NNB) moving there from a city. Both are calm and soothing SoL anime that one can enjoy any time they want. The two differences are that a) in Non Non Biyori, the main cast consists of four girls of varying ages (and one guy without a voice, lol) while in Flying Witch, there's Makoto and two of her relatives, one male, one a young girl plus one other character per episode and b) Non Non Biyori is purely SoL while Flying Witch brings   read more
report Recommended by dunkan85
The countryside as a central setting of a story is often overlooked and underutilized; fortunately, both of these shows do some much needed justice in that regard. In both shows, you have a main character moving into the countryside and learning the "ways of the countryside", so to speak. The only main difference is that Non Non Biyori is much more humorous; Flying Witch incorporates a slow yet relaxing pace that is sure to calm any person after a long day of work.
report Recommended by -Remix-
Chill, iyashikei genre they both located at countryside I dont know but the feeling when i watch these 2 anime are really similar
report Recommended by phi12101998
Also set in the countryside. Both are very tranquil and relaxing shows that don't follow any overarching plot.
report Recommended by doitnow10
Both series follow the experiences of a young protagonist who moves to rural Japan and grows accustomed to life there with the help of some new friends. Highly recommended for viewers looking to take a break and chill for a while.
report Recommended by MarisaTheCube
Funny country life, no weird scenes only to show boobs or other childish jokes. Characters are nice and believable.
report Recommended by raffaele2406
-Both are set in the rural countrysides of Japan, and each have exceptional detailing that brings out the beauty of the set -Both are Iyashikei (Healing), and will almost definitely put your mind at ease. -No set storyline exists.... The plot mostly revolves around everyday incidents
report Recommended by Joeywatches
-Both series are very heartwarming -Great Visual -Similiar set living in country side -Very relaxing to watch
report Recommended by firelrdzuko