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They might not have a complex story but both of these shows has their own charms when it comes to characters. This is especially evident when the cast is made up of cute girls doing cute things on a daily basisi. The mood is mostly lighthearted for both series so don't expect anything deep or complex. Rather, expect humor and character relationships that is innocent and memorable. I recommend both series if you're looking for something to relax for the day and enjoy a simple, yet alluring show with classic slice of life ideas.
report Recommended by Stark700
In both anime one girl moves to another town and befriends a group of cute girls, they all hang out most of the time and become really close. In both anime that same girl has to adapt to her new life and surroundings. Both are slice of life and have very cute characters with different personalities each.
report Recommended by Malach_Hamavet
The characters have very similar personalities both anime are about a small group of friends and there day to day life wile one is mostly around a cafe and the other is base more around their school life both are super MOE comedy in both we keep you smiling ^ ^
report Recommended by bloodiemonster
If you're looking for a relaxing CGDCT anime (Cute Girls Doing Cute Things) then these are two of the best of the genre. The casts resemble each other really well also. Renge (NNB)/Chino (Gochiusa) are essentially the same character and that's a good thing. Hotaru(NNB)/Cocoa(Gochiusa) are also very similar in the sense that they both moved away from home at the beginning of the series, and thus met the rest of the cast. Their roles in each show are basically teh same, although Cocoa is way more air-headed than Hotaru. tl;dr: Two of the best moe slice-of-life you'll find. There is also little to no   read more
report Recommended by CC9ers
Both are laid-back comical moe loli slice-of-life animes that surround the daily adventures of a group of 'average' girls.
report Recommended by Tobu_kudasai
Both shows are slice of life with a very relaxing feel. The comedy is excellent and there are few boring moments. Both are also heavily character-driven, and all the main characters are girls. There are some slight yuri undertones, as is typical in this genre. Chino reminds me some of Ren-chon, especially in their comedic deliveries. Non Non Biyori takes place most often at school and in the countryside, while Gochuumon takes place mostly in various cafes. Despite the difference in settings, the atmosphere is pretty much the same, and they both provide a heartwarming feel that is sure to make you smile.
report Recommended by ccorn
they are not exactly the same (but isn't that what your looking for? something similar but with some different aspects as well) both of these slice of like anime revolve around girls lives where "non non biyori" focuses more on the school/country life and "is the order a rabbit" is around the tea and coffee shops (i guess around the city area, not really country). a few voice actors are the same in both of these. both have a yuri aspect to it. (sharo and hotaru) being similar-ish so basically if you want something slice of life that does have some similar but different aspects, i recommend these   read more
report Recommended by 14clock3
-Both anime tell about cute girls doing cute things. -Both anime characters personality are super cute. -Both anime contain a heartwarming comedy and heartwarming environment where they live. -Both anime have two season with total 24 episodes (for now).
report Recommended by Ranseurs
Relaxing and Fun times happening to young girls. Doing random every day lives. Renge and Chino have very similar personalities
report Recommended by Book_Lover