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They both have otome game elements to them. The male characters are over the top and the female character feels extremely underwhelming. For some people this niche is amazing. Honestly, this musical rendition of Diabolik Lovers is quite....something.
report Recommended by MemiHime
Both have bishounen vampires (demons too in DwD) trying to catch a silly girl Both are based on a game Both group of boys treat the girl as a ''prey'' or ''pawn'', anyway, like an object for their benefit Both have inverse harem and fanservice Both have a head of the group, and they seem to be in love with the girl despite their plans and nature Both have chapters devoted to each character to have romantic scenes with her Both have dark aura, in a shoujo concept
report Recommended by Parantica
Both animes have a some kind of special girl with a group of boys. Diabolik Lovers have vampires. Dance with Devils have demons. Both girls have a harem.
report Recommended by weirdotakonekoo
What the two have in common: -Reverse hartem that involves guys being in the dark side. -Special girl whom the harem competes for. -Plot that involves the girl being in such poor predicament. Dissimilarities: Dialover: -only runs for a few minutes. -absences of a knight in shining armor. -the plot only features the girl being sicked. Dance with Devils: -The girls isn't completely helpless. -There is a protagonist who will save the girl.
report Recommended by La_Matona301
- Both has a group of boys - Diabolik lovers has vampires and Dance with Devils demons - Harem
report Recommended by Shigyu
- Main Character, Ritsuka is similar to Yui - 5 guys and 1 girl - Plot story is similar to Diabolik Lovers I watched the first episode of "Dance with Devils" and enjoyed it a lot. The plot story is kinda similar to Diabolik Lovers, and the girl character is a bit similar to Yui.
report Recommended by Sapis
a lotta guys, 1 girl, all the guys faal in love with the girl, you get it ;)
report Recommended by Yumiii_cos
1. Both anime are reverse harem 2. They have magical, too handsome, and sadistic male characters 3. Both of them are romantic and dark 4. They have really nice opening and ending songs 5. Their stories are not so good, but it doesn't matter because all the characters are so cool 6. They make you say "kyaaaa" Hehe
report Recommended by megumi211
Both are vampire and reverse harem anime's. Dance with Devils also has devils and the female lead is much more capable.
report Recommended by Koo31669
1) Reverse Harem 2) Male leads aren't human 3) Despite the large group of males, one male sticks out from the rest 4) Female main protagonist 5) Usually has a single episode for one male lead to learn his personality 6) Episodes that aren't like #5, are showing off a sudden story 7) Has 12 episodes 8) The males want something (for themselves) from the female lead, but then soon begin to love her 9) Female lead's mother or father is gone, and wants to learn information to save/get to them. 10) Has around the same number of males
report Recommended by Otaku_Plus
Both these anime are actually pretty similar, as both play with the themes of humans and vampires co-existing in each other's worlds. I'd say that when it comes to the MC, the one from Dance is faaaaaar better than the one from Diabolik, who was just dumb as a rock. Anyway, getting to the similarities> # Female who inadvertently gets caught up in the world of vamps/devils # MC is a high school student # Vamps/Devils feel an inexplicable attraction to her, which is later on explained and explored # Both actually have a plot going on for them, which came as a surprise # Despite being reverse harems, both   read more
report Recommended by Sonal1988
Both are about clueless female leads being pushed around by their own vampire/demon harem.
report Recommended by Sphealz
Both have reverse harem Vampires the girls are similar in ways
report Recommended by ziya123
Well, this might be strange, but Diabolik Lovers and Dance With Devils have a lot of things in common. Firt, they're both about a girl who thought she was normal, until she meets a bunch of guys(and actually for the female viewers, those guys are hot). Both Dance with Devils and Diabolik Lovers have the supernatural theme to it, as one has to do with Devils and the other with Vampires. Story wise, those two anime are really similar, since they have to do about a single girl, dealing with supernatural beings, falling in love with her(this one may be slightly different in DwD). As   read more
report Recommended by _NoNo-Chan_