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Naruto: Shippuuden
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Naruto: Shippuuden
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Both illustrates similar themes. The main setting of both anime are in an unusual time period. The plots are based off of supernatural characters. Both are the sequels to a previous, juvenile version of it, hence more mature character developments happen.
report Recommended by Stellio
Both are set in a parallel world with fictional countries. Both deal with politics, war, revenge, immortal beings and supernatural powers. The main characters: Edward and Naruto have some similarities in personality and suffering. The main character goals develop from personal goals to public ones and from protecting those who they love to saving the world. Both can make you laugh a lot and cry a lot, really full of emotions, they have many great characters, great story, strong plot, epic action, touching emotions, great relations and perfect OST.
report Recommended by EsraaKudo
Great visuals and action packed with a complex story line and loads of characters. Some awesome action, some emotional moments.
report Recommended by Johan_Liebert_
Both are shounen anime, so i would say that both the MC have that same shounen-MC-personality. Not only the MC, but several characters share the same personality. Naruto and Edward, Jiraiya and Curtis, Greed and Sasuke, Scar and Gaara, and many more. Also, both have the same kind of ending/final battle.
report Recommended by War_D
Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood got the same main strengths that makes Naruto a wonderful series. 1. Characters and Character Development 2.The World Building Despite only having 64 episodes , FMA B manages to succeed at both of those elements. Both also follows similar themes.
report Recommended by AnjuRatty
Like Naruto, FMA: Brotherhood has a huge lineup of diverse characters whom you will love and look forward to in every episode. Much like ninjutsu used by shinobis, the power used by alchemists in this series will remind you of summoning techniques. Another similarity worth mentioning is that Naruto somehow represents Edward; they both have a unique motivational drive to succeed despite all the boundaries they have to face. If you want a more mature anime similar to Naruto Shippuden, FMA: Brotherhood is one epic anime you don’t want to miss.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Almost same plot.Great anime mc.Both MC have a dream.Best shounen ever created.It has more tragedy as Naruto,but it has most.It has great philosophal plot.Highly recommended anime after naruto.You must watch it.Good Luck;')
report Recommended by SoraTheSky808568
Both series have an amazing, complex storyline involving a wide range of characters for you to fall in love with. Along with this, Both main characters: Naruto and Edward have similar goals, ideals and enemies. The two anime have both tragic emotional moments and amazing action packed scenes.
report Recommended by BlipBoop
Both action packed anime's with great storyline and memorable characters with each having their own memorable moments respectively FMA:B is 64 ep long and Naruto Shippuden is 500 ep long with fillers(295 without fillers)
report Recommended by RahulSenpai
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