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Nabari no Ou is slightly more grown up and a modern 'way of the ninja' then Naruto. Both the main protagonist look alike, but Rokujo is more carefree and unknown about the whole situation he is in. About Naburi no Ou: His English teacher and several students from the school protect him and theirselves from several enemies including ninja villages. Scenery and animations have a more down-to-earth look and give a realistic feeling in some extend. Definatly worth a try, even if it's just for a few episodes. To get a feeling of 'Ohhh, there is more then just a ninja named Naruto in an anime   read more
report Recommended by Ge4ce
It's like a modern style of Naruto. Lots of action dealing with ninjas
report Recommended by meiikyuu
Nabari no Ou is for....more "grown-up" viewers who possibly liked Naruto. Both Naruto and Nabari no Ou feature ninjas using "jutsu" (ninja techniques). Nabari no Ou has a more modern feel to it than Naruto (one of the ninja characters uses a gun as his main weapon). This series is MUCH shorter than Naruto, but Naruto fans will most likely enjoy this anime a lot.
report Recommended by Murasakebara
Both are about ninja. Great, intense fighting scenes. Both main characters are being hunted down for what's inside of them.
report Recommended by Deer50
Both the main characters Naruto and Miharu have an extraordinary power inside them that they can't yet control. Similar set up in the fact that there are 5 main Hidden Villages each having their own Forbidden Technique. Another similarity is the fact that each village uses different techniques based off of the elements. The major difference however is that Nabari no Ou is set in a more modern period.
report Recommended by Eternal_Bane0613
•both live in a ninja world, where Nobari is modern day times, while naruto is in their own world. •both the main characters have a 'super natural power' (like we havnt heard that before) inside them, which bad people want to get there hands on. •both have surrounding villages around them having their own style of 'ninja techniques' the supporting cast for both anime makes or breaks the surroundings/atmosphere/circumstances •both main characters do what they want, without rationalizing •they are similar in the ninja sense, but nobari is more mature then naruto.
report Recommended by Lupta
If you enjoy the action in Naruto then I believe this anime is a good way to vent out between episodes. It's basically the same thing only the main character couldn't care less about the world around him ( unlike Naruto ) and instead of a 9 tailed fox, he has a scroll with all of shinobi knowledge on it. Great anime, with an unfortunate, yet profound ending.
report Recommended by AbstractZealot93