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From the big three anime – One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto – the ninja series shares the most similarities with Black Clover. This should not really come as much of a surprise since Studio Pierrot handled Naruto and Naruto: Shippuuden. In most ways, Black Clover is the studio’s attempt to recreate the magic of their most popular series. This is particularly apparent in the story’s pacing, as both series allow ample time for the characters to goof off, with a heavy employment of flashbacks to develop their backstories. At this point, Naruto barely needs any introduction, but we might-as-well mention a thing or two about the   read more
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both their Main Characters are rejected by others , untalented , orphans , have some kind of demonic power also have a very talented {genius} rival and I feel like they have similar stories because both MCs want to reach the hightest rank of their kingdom/village and never stop talking about it untill it gets annoying Also both are good at GUIDANCE no jutsu LMAO .
report Recommended by LoRiyaNiVer
Give it a go!! You may find the mc's voice annoying at first but you'll get used to it😂 Black clovers characters & their personalities are quite alike in a way Asta being Naruto, Yuno being Sasuke, and Noelle resembling sakura, The story-line is enjoyable and there's a lot of action. There's a lot more to the story than it seems, so it keeps me watching and wanting more:))
report Recommended by LuvvIsRage
A shonen fan should love it. Like Asta, you will see the journey of how naruto grows in power as well as a kid to a young adult. you will be emotionally involved in naruto as you did with black clover.
report Recommended by SL_Senjuhara
Similar story structure with plenty of action
report Recommended by Lord_GodFlow
The main characters of both the series have a lot in common. I would say they are 95% same in their characteristics and personality. Naruto is an orphan which is same as Asta. Also they both have the will to never give up and share a common goal of becoming the most powerful guy in their village or kingdom in their respective series. There resides a demon in Naruto who makes him special. Similarly, Asta ia also a special one as there resides a demon in his sword(anti-magic sword) which he uses. Both are really dumb in the beginning of their respective series and also   read more
report Recommended by Sensei_9
It is a story about a young men who want to catch their dream and have a great ambition. However their road is not easy to pass, lot of obstacle wait in front of them and of course, they are all start form zero. Can they realize their dream?
report Recommended by William03
They are similar because both anime are fantasy-themed, both protagonists are orphans and are rejected by society. they are both really good anime with a really good story and I would recommend watching it. Black Clover may seem bad at first however it does get better as the story progresses.
report Recommended by Skar465
Both are amazing and have great story. Both are studio Pierrot too but there's more budget to Naruto Anime. (but thats not important) Both have amazing OP & ED Theme songs and visuals. Both characters are idiots. Hehe A lot of amazing fights too!! These two shounen anime are my favorites.
report Recommended by nanadaimekun__
Both shows contain similar goals and main characters. Both are very good shounen for starters and have lots of fanbase support
report Recommended by jakeecainee
black clover is just harry potter naruto , the main character has a rival more powerful than him and the main character proceeds to become as good / better than side character , which is the same in naruto
report Recommended by Aksh1225
Naruto and Black Clover are two very similar shows, in Naruto, the mc is trying to become the leader of his village (Hokage) while in Black Clover Asta is trying to become the Wizard King in his Kingdom. And they have to fight hella people in order to do so, both are in squads, and are very loud/likeable, both are also demon possessed and are outcasts
report Recommended by danny_D_satoru
they both have almost the same story expect some diffrences and black clover is better.
report Recommended by animeweeeb6969
The motivation of the both main character is same and the action in both are on next level and both created by the same studio. If you want to see long running series and series with full of Life lessons , life truth , emotion and action see both of this anime you want regret it. Thanks for reading
report Recommended by RLawliet
Similar MC's and end goals But with a different world and fresh approach
report Recommended by SharksmeN
Similar characters, with a knucklehead as the protagonist, and a cool character as his friendly rival.
report Recommended by UzumakiLasmo
The MC energy and the characteristic is almost same
report Recommended by Lin808
Naruto and Asta are very similar characters. They both have that really strong "never give up" attitude and both are obnoxious, cheerful people. They both go from being really weak and getting bullied to being really powerful fighters. Both are the "chosen ones." Both shows have that "harem" aspect where multiple girls fight over the main character, but the main is too dense to notice. Both shows also focus on the whole "power of friendship" idea. Both shows are fighting wars against neighboring nations. Basically, they're the same thing lol.
report Recommended by darkreunionn
Both protagonists have similar personalities and have a similar world building and story
report Recommended by Shidomaki