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Similarities: -Similar Smart Gamer MC's. -Cunning, strategic, and a bit of a troll. -Both have gaming aspects. Differences: -LH focuses on in-game politics and world building -QZGS does not have the "trapped in a virtual game" aspect so it's "politics" are purely RL ones, mostly due to the competitive spirit of other gaming clubs. -LH is Japanese while QZGS is Chinese. -The art is very different. One is more 2D, the other has CGI and looks more like something from Fate Stay verse.
report Recommended by SkyFullOfStars
Both involve a game and have an ultimate main character
report Recommended by Mythicism
The main characters are both smart/strategic, very experienced, and are highly respected in their respective worlds. Other similarities include the use of gaming terms, guilds, and great action scenes. Quan Zhi's battles are far more intense, though. People who enjoy playing MMOs will surely find them interesting.
report Recommended by Avidreader123
Its all about the game. The main characters are positive, staying strong in any dire situations. The romance was so-so, but the action was good.
report Recommended by tomoko1234
Both MC are smart, overpowered and know things. MCs have analytic minds and are good with strategies. They both have really good negotiating skills and have their group which helps them with the game.
report Recommended by Felix
The concept of overpowered character/former pro in a video game that starts from the beginning is common in both (under different forms though). If you've liked the concept of overpowerness than you'll love log horizon as well!
report Recommended by ShiroIsNotKuro
Have you already pictured yourself being trapped in a game ? This is what's Log Horizon is about. The story of Quanzhi Gaoshou maybe be really different and happening in 100% real world, I can't help thinking these two anime about video games managed to deal with the gameplay very well. There are no unlikely and coming-from-nowhere abilities, it is just about how players love playing to their games - to an extent almost noxious - and spend all their time on it, resulting in being over-skilled. I recommend both of them, they are among the best of the kind !
report Recommended by SarutoKen