Log Horizon, Quanzhi Gaoshou Recommendations

Log Horizon
If you liked
Log Horizon
Quanzhi Gaoshou
...then you might like
Quanzhi Gaoshou
-Similar Smart Gamer MC's.
-Cunning, strategic, and a bit of a troll.
-Both have gaming aspects.

-LH focuses on in-game politics and world building
-QZGS does not have the "trapped in a virtual game" aspect so it's "politics" are purely RL ones, mostly due to the competitive spirit of other gaming clubs.
-LH is Japanese while QZGS is Chinese.
-The art is very different. One is more 2D, the other has CGI and looks more like something from Fate Stay verse.
report Recommended by SkyFullOfStars
The main characters are both smart/strategic, very experienced, and are highly respected in their respective worlds. Other similarities include the use of gaming terms, guilds, and great action scenes. Quan Zhi's battles are far more intense, though.

People who enjoy playing MMOs will surely find them interesting.
report Recommended by Thoootje
A lot of Gaming elements like Guilds and APM (Actions per minute)
The main protagonists of the shows are Smart Strategic Gamers
Both are Action, Game, and Adventure Anime

The big difference is that in Log Horizon the main characters are transported into the virtual game world and in Quan Zhi Gao Shou it takes place in the real world where the main character is playing at an Internet Café.
report Recommended by KuroganeFlash51