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These 2 anime has similar situation in which both the protagonist and others are stuck in a rpg game with no knowledge on returning to the real world. However, in Overlord the main protagonist is the only current known player who's stuck while in log horizon many players who were logged on at the time was transported into the game. Also, both protagonist are overpowered. The difference between these anime are the plots. While in overlord the main protagonist decided to create a new world in the game because he has no reason to return to the reality for he has no friends nor family and   read more
report Recommended by Duckii
It has intense and intriguing moments like log horizon does in the first few episodes with Moderate graphics. The main character FOR log horizon became overpowered during the mid episode of the entire season, FOR overlord the main char is already overpowered in the very beginning and usually shove his authority among enemies and comrade .
report Recommended by nagishi21
Log Horizon and Overlord are both world building and story driven shows set in a fantasy setting. Log Horizon is the story of players being trapped in a game after a new expansion launched. We follow our main characters as they face PvE and PvP problems which arise. This show focuses on the world and its politics with a nice follow up of traditional MMORPG style action. Log Horizon mainly revolves around the plot of being stuck in a game but not knowing when/how they will get out, and focuses on making living in the game bearable by being the heroes/adventurers. Overlord is the story of our   read more
report Recommended by Dheginsea
Same concept about being stuck in a RPG world. However what these two does is creating an economy and a leading world so they can keep the world going. These have low focus and how to get out and has alot to do with adapting to their new setting. They're both very strategical anime and is heavy-dialouge anime which doesn't focus on action that much. What i do think these anime series could have evolved was giving out a plotline which they'd follow instead of taking irrelevant side quest. However what Log Horizon did better was in a way or two using these side quest   read more
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
Protagonist was stuck in another world, similar to his gaming world. Protagonist was at a high level when he got stuck in another world. Protagonist is good with planning. Protagonist is a leader of a guild.
report Recommended by FrostPH
Both are video-game-themed. Both anime gravitate around the fact that they are stuck, in their respective games. Both are MMORPG's. Both have main characters that are overpowered, in their own way. Overlord is rather darkly theme, but lightens up every once in a while. Log Horizon focuses on a sort of political complication, and explains things in extraordinary detail. Overlord will have, or, depending on the time, has, 13 episodes. Log Horizon has 50. Log Horizon is more viewer-friendly, and as such is acceptable for viewers around 13 years old. Overlord is mainly for people around 18-30, as it includes gore and slightly lewd activities. Both   read more
report Recommended by Shoichi
- Both stories are taking place in a RPG/game world - Both male MCs are clever and are surrounded by their friends/comrades/servants - The new world they are send to is the same as the game they play with few exeptions - Both male MCs are leaders of a guild
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
Both share the concept of life inside a game. The main characters of both shows are intelligent, scheming and strong. Shiroe mainly focuses on outwitting his opponents while Momonga will often defeat his opponents in battle. The main difference is the overarching plot of the shows: Log Horizon focuses on the daily lives and adventures of the characters as they try to find a way out of the game. Overlord's protagonist Momonga, on the other hand, completely drops the idea of escaping and focuses on world domination within the game.
report Recommended by seipasn
Both MC got stuck in a MMORPG and can't log out.
report Recommended by dragon1557
Player(s) of a MMORPG that are trapped in the world of the game without a clue on how to return home, but the protagonist of Overlord don't care about this, contrariwise... different from the protagonist of Log Horizon.
report Recommended by GustavoLeonhart
Both have the same situation where the MC got trapped in the game, the differences were, in LH there are multiple MC that were involve in the anime, while in Overlord its only one MC who is involved in the anime.
report Recommended by La_Matona301
Stuck in a game world? And you just happen to be a powerful, almost villainous seeming, character in the game? Well it's bound to lead to interesting outcomes right :D The animes are very similar in terms of atmosphere and dynamics and it's rather clear from three episodes in that enjoying one of these means you definitely need to watch the other!
report Recommended by 404ashnotfound
The whole trapped in an MMO theme is real in both though the only diff, imo is that the MC are slightly more badass!
report Recommended by Pallathion
Both protagonists are high level players who along with may others get stuck in a video game. They are both quite cunning.
report Recommended by _Kairu_
-Both main cast are in trapped in gaming world -Both main characters are smart, cunning, clever -Both have pretty girls ^_^ -But there is some things are not same which is in overlord only Momonga in trapped in world or is it? -In Log Horizon there is bunch of people -Most important thing is they need make more season of both anime more season -and that's all thank you for reading this text
report Recommended by aikopooh
Log Horizon and Overlord are both set inside a game they can't escape from, both have aspects of action,adventure,magic and fantasy that are very entertaining,they h they both have great animation but there age ratings differ as Log horizon is PG 13 and overlord is R 17 The anime's main characters are both inside a guild or group and are the leaders of the group,the design of the characters are very different,the main characters go on different adventures but you can enjoy both them the same way as well as them both being interesting and enjoyable characters. In my opinion Overlord is way more enjoyable   read more
report Recommended by NYXGYR
Over lord is a brand new anime that is coming out. It is also set in a world where the main role is trapped in a game. It is an amazing anime with comedy and action. 10/10
report Recommended by TheNameOfTheWind
Both main characters thought they weren't just gonna play the game for the last time before it ended but they got stuck in the game and had to adapt to survive and just ended up being OP
report Recommended by H2OShadow
It has the same MMORPG feel where the MC(s) are trapped in an MMORPG environment and they have to face the problems that they are presented with in the ' New World '.
report Recommended by Archeal
Mcs are both OP Note to future self: Re-watch this when at least 5 years had passed.
report Recommended by HalozyR
If you liked the mmorpg turning reality setting of LH, Overlord is the same thing, just that the protagonist is a vastly overpowerd anti-hero.
report Recommended by JackTheSecond
Their story isn't all about "getting out from the game". Both are about managing in the game and raising fame.
report Recommended by absortio
Both main characters are trying to make the world a better place, yes in Overlord the MC does it in a darker way but it's still trying to better the world. Both series are linked to MMORPG's. There is political and territorial tension in both series. MAGIC. Both MC are seen as evil by others.
report Recommended by Lord1agames
Overlord is an action-adventure-game anime that revolves around a player, under the username of Momonga, is left behind inside the game after it was supposed to close. Momonga, without his friends, waited out the closing of the gaming only to find himself stuck in it afterwards. He then started to investigate on the situation and seek answers. Just like Shiroe as a strategist, Momonga shares his own experience and skill in the field of combat that he utilized well in order to find what he is looking for.
report Recommended by RavenSkye
Both MC's in these anime are overpowered magic casters who are very good at coming up with strategic battle plans. They also do a good job of exploring how powerful world-class magic and super-tier magic can be, and the potential it has to shape the world. If you enjoy the MMORPG genre, I would definitely recommend giving these a shot!
report Recommended by SeraphsCall
Both are really good and follows the main inside a game world where is traps and trys to find his place in this new world.
report Recommended by Khalazza
It is another body and soul telleported into a video game-like world
report Recommended by Pencemen
A careful plan is needed to understand this new world that surrounds us. We must first secure our living place and then probe in the outside world to learn more about it, then, conquer it. Moral of the story : Don't fall asleep in your Nerve Gear. Or do, if you're into video games and do not fear for your life.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
-They both deal with beeing trapped in a video game that becomes reality -Both have a very calculating and smart main-character -Both main-characters have specialities/powers that make them superior to (many) others
report Recommended by Cysotiso
- They both come from the real world, and they go in a fantasy world (Isekai) - The main characters come from a guild - They are leader of a group - The universes take place in a "game" - Fantasy anime
report Recommended by Arukami
Both main characters of these anime get stuck in a game and don't know why. They try to figure out how to get back to their own worlds in similar ways etc gathering information about the worlds they are stuck in. They also try to tackle the worlds that they are in either by conquering or building society, in both anime their in game levels actually matter. Both anime make a focus on making the most out of a bad situation.
report Recommended by CodeNameGeass
-Both revolve around players who play a MMORPG suddenly get stranded in the game world with no means of escape -Both protagonists start building up and improving their surroundings as time passes on, all the while looking for a means to escape -Both were fun to watch imo :)
report Recommended by Joeywatches
Both are Isekai, Boy go in Fantasy work to discover his power and to travel the world
report Recommended by MysticGod
I think the popular response to Log Horizon is to call it similar to SAO. However, I think there is a deeper similarity between Log Horizon and Overlord. Both put more of an emphasis on the actual videogame mechanics of the world around them, at least from the perspective of the protagonists. Likewise, both are not as concerned with finding an escape from the videogame worlds; rather, they seek ways to thrive within those worlds. I have only seen S1 of Overlord, so I can't speak for the rest of it, but if you enjoyed either S1 of Overlord or Log Horizon, then the other   read more
report Recommended by Ragerrodent
Both are hardcore gamer very influent in them guild. Both heroes use magic power They are stuck in a fantasy game where the rules change and NPC looks likes more inteligent than before.
report Recommended by tazzaril
Both stories are taking place in a RPG/game world Both male MCs are clever and are surrounded by their friends/comrades/servants and max lvl The new world they are send to is the same as the game they play with few exeptions Both male MCs are leaders of a guild Both want improve their world
report Recommended by DHRUVIK
-Same thing, so the players are trapped in the game lol -adventure kinda like guild/party
report Recommended by M0uk3