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Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Both have scenarios where a relatively geeky person (or so it'd seem) from our world suddenly has to deal with another fantasy world. Both main characters are OP. The series each contain a lot less violence and a lot more to do with politics than one would expect. Both are worth watching for people who wish to be whisked away to a world that combines two and imagining what would happen to us if we were there!
report Recommended by Sekaiou
The events of the anime happen in a another world, in the same fantasy background. There are lots of similarities when it comes to politics. In both anime the newcomers try to solve problems with the native people of the new world through a diplomatic approach. They both give that military vibe. Both present a cultural exchange between two different "nations"
report Recommended by EladanRichborn
well by idea you might feel different but the feels are the same with concept like teamwork,foreign nation politics kingdom/empire being threatened by the existence of adventures/JSDF , no game mechanics but who need magic when you gets badass tanks,missiles rifles and AK47 which is pretty much magic to undeveloped culture, it compare and contrast our recent society(especially Japan's) to our primitive old European based culture with nobility with a tinch of Fantasy Dragons ,Elves and obviously Mahou shoujou .art style is more realistic unlike Log Horizon .Slow development is also a fact that stand out be the same .All an all the series   read more
report Recommended by harshrox3
Both shows belong to the fantasy genre and the world-building in them are greatly executed. Each episode paints a sneak-peak of the world where the show is set and is continually elaborated as the story unfolds. The cast of both shows are also diverse which makes their interactions and activities a pleasure to watch. Both shows understand their respective settings, beautify it each episode and makes full use of them to further the story.
report Recommended by ALLONA
Both have: - Characters involved in politics between nations/towns. - Demonstrations on the profound implications of various modern tech/amenities that we take for granted. - Characters bringing in modern tech/knowledge to nations with medieval armies and tech.
report Recommended by wb1
Both protagonists are human who make irruption in another world. Great part of politics and psychology.
report Recommended by imData
The setting is quite similar , the only big differensial is "Gate" is not a Game , Gate's story line goes a little something like : a mysterious portal appears in japan and some otaku military guy have to go in the mysterious portal , and found another world filled with magic and some shit like that, but it looks like the Ruler of That "dimension" dont like guest so of course they went to War, but the good thing is this "Dimension" doesn't have FREEDO- *cough* i meant Guns. so of course the surrendered ... wait they Didn't , just watch it.
report Recommended by MuraSamee