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Nodame Cantabile
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Both Risa and Nodame are silly and fun. The romance, drama, and comedy are very similar although NC is a bit more subtle and mature while LC is more exaggerated and ridiculous at times. For the most part, the characters in NC and LC are all searching for their own goals and trying their best to reach success and find happiness. Both anime are very deep in their own ways, realistic, and motivational! The most important thing is I finished them each in exactly 1.5 days. Go enjoy!
report Recommended by Annisa
Both are romance/comedy type animes with a funny female main lead. Nodame Cantabile is a more mature comedy-love-story with lots of classical music, unique art style and a cool male lead. It's pretty funny, not overly dramatic and very heart-warming. I think this anime is a good find and you should give it a try, because it's not your typical generic romance-comedy anime. Nodame Cantabile is something special.
report Recommended by Forever
shoujo/comedy shows that features female protagonists trying their hardest to be with the one they love whom are clueless to this very fact. Also check out both series' great live action counterparts!
report Recommended by Banchou
Lovely Complex and Nodame are similar because of the relationships between the characters. Girl likes boy. Boy does not like girl. Girl tries to make boy love her. Lovely complex is more based of its romance and comedy. While Nodame is based off music. Both are romantic comedies and they are both awesome and worth watching.
report Recommended by Fariestars
The relationship between Chiaki and Noda(me) reminds me VERY much of that between Otari and Risa. The comedy's great! The art style is also somewhat similar. These two animes are just generally similar, without being alike. Did that make sense?
report Recommended by Bissen
Comedy, Complex and Romance in a funny way =)
report Recommended by DinaUAE
It's really similar in genre. But there are somethings that Lovely Complex does better and somethings that Nodame Cantabile does better. Regardless they both also have some similar flaws. Like some really bad two dimensional characters or some gags being too forced. --- One big flaw of Nodame Cantabile is oddly the main female lead. The author uses her for comedy gags all the time, so you just don't really end up taking her character as a mature main lead specially when the main male lead is way more mature. It would have been great to add some depth to her character instead of being used   read more
report Recommended by My-T
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