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Slice of life series with a taste of realism. Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) and Barakamon shares a number of similarities. The main male protagonist is abruptly thrown into a new environment where he isn't used to. In the beginning, they cope with their new living conditions. However through experience, they are able to earn the respect of other characters he meets. The relationship dynamics are perhaps the most important element as the MC blends in with others while developing his own character. Recommended for all ages especially those seeking a realistic slice of life.
report Recommended by Stark700
- city boys get transferred to small rural places and have to adapt themselves - both are slice of life - atmospheres are warm and peaceful in both shows, for me they are both easy and pleasant to watch - nice and calm music
report Recommended by LiYuxin
Firstly, both shows are short but utterly delightful Slice of Life anime that don't lose sight of reality amidst all the fun and humour (which is also great in both). Both focus on the protagonist who is introduced as the 'outsider' in a an unfamiliar environment at the beginning, and closely follow their progress throughout. The characterisation is excellent and there is significant development of the main character that is crafted subtly yet wonderfully. Not to mention both anime actually have educational and informative moments (GnS more so than Barakamon), particularly about country life, farming etc. And so, both are highly recommendable.
report Recommended by fullmetalbender
Similarities: -Both shows are in the slice of life genre -Both involve the main character moving to a rural/agricultural area to escape their problems -Both show the clash between city life and country life while painting country life in a positive light Dissimilarities: -Silver Spoon has a romantic subplot while Barakamon does not -The main character of Silver spoon is in high school while the main character of Barakamon is an adult
report Recommended by hsapin
- Both are about a protagonist that leaves his hometown (the city) to go and live in a rural area due to a conflicts that made them lose their confidence. - Then the protagonist meets new great friends, and try to adjust to a new lifestyle that he was never used to. - Both have similar art styles with good OSTs, OP and ED. - Gin no Saji and Barakamon have the same sense of innocent humor that forces you to laugh with unexpected events, however it's not overdone. - If you enjoyed Barakamon because it doesn't show service-cuts, you might as well enjoy Gin no Saji, both of   read more
report Recommended by GarooSama
Two cheerful animes to have a good time watching. The main plot is the struggling with the lack of inspiration in life and finding it in friendship and bonds with people that are different than you. Both stories share a lot of attributes, both main characters, who are urban people, are sent to a rural environment where they meet joyful and humble people, together they live a lot of funny and awkward situations and adventures.
report Recommended by Saturn19
Both are comedies that a have male protagonist from the city moves to a rural area after a major conflict in his life ruins his self-confidence. They adjust to a simpler environment and interact with quirky characters.
report Recommended by thecrazy88
If you liked the so-called mundane but comedic life of mountain people in either one of these anime, then you're sure to wanna watch the other. They're both strikingly similar. Just watch.
report Recommended by lawofreflection
Gin no Saji gives off the same feel like Barakamon as both are slice of life and comedy anime. It's lighthearted and funny, with endearing characters. Both of the protagonists are city boys that have to adapt to their new 'alien' surroundings due to certain circumstances. In Barakamon, Seishuu Handa the calligrapher have to get used to living on an island, while in Gin no Saji, Yuugo Hachiken who has never been to a boarding school before have to adapt living in an agricultural boarding school. The protagonists are both socially awkward to a certain extent, but as the story progresses both of them changed   read more
report Recommended by lensaamiranda