Inferno Cop, Poputepipikku Recommendations

Inferno Cop
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Inferno Cop
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Both are played entirely for laughs and poke at story conventions by subverting, over-dramatizing, or breaking them.
report Recommended by Taivus
If you at all enjoyed Pop Team's ridiculous, non-stop humor, I think you'll love Inferno Cop. It's less than an hour, available on Crunchyroll, and the best decision you'll make in your entire life.
report Recommended by MrLegitimacy
Two perfect examples of how to properly do a self aware "so-bad-is-good" comedy anime done on purpose.
report Recommended by Punkero
Both are Very funny. Both have very cleaver humor. Both are beautiful masterpieces you have to give the anime a 10, if not kys.
report Recommended by asherzohar01
They're both pretty left field and random enough that I can see them airing on Adult Swim. You'll either love or hate them and they don't care which side you're on. There's not much of a strong story in either so they rely more on their absurdity and humor. They're just fun and funny to watch.
report Recommended by Starchaser
Do I have to explain, jk they are both really crazy and funny and they both have great references.
report Recommended by Weeboi108
Shits and giggles. Want something that takes nothing seriously? Take a look at Inferno Cop and Pop Team Epic, the two anime with a great amount of surreal and absurd humour to fuel themselves into giving viewers a "what the hell is this" reaction. Both are goated parodies you may find yourself laughing at an incredible amount.
report Recommended by NextUniverse