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Same style, same studio.
report Recommended by geek
If you like randomness, purposely badly animated scenes and somewhat uncomfortable scenarios, then you'll definitely like Inferno Cop. The director is the same for both Ninja Slayer and Inferno Cop. Animation quality is on the same wavelength and it's every bit as eccentric as Ninja Slayer. The thing that sets them apart is that Inferno Cop is in 3 minute chunks of nonsensical, insanely hilarious and stupid content, whether as Ninja Slayer is a structured, insanely original and purposely badly animated piece of genius social commentary.
report Recommended by Millawls
Inferno Cop and Ninja Slayer are like twins of the same feather. While Inferno Cop is more like a gag show, Ninja Slayer seems to have a strong plot. Both are highly recommended for people who want to have a good ounce of action and laughter.
report Recommended by AIDSKrillex
Both are made by the same studio and share the same wacky situations that happen in the shows.
report Recommended by StarLordTheTurnt
Trigger made both of these anime, and both are works of satire that deliberately use horrible animation. They also have stupid dialogue and catchphrases ('YEEEART!', 'NANI?!', etc.) Both anime are named after their protagonists, and both are pretty damn funny. Well, only if you like the kind of humour they use, anyway. Also, Ninja Slayer has an awesome dub, but Inferno Cop is dubless (is that a word?). Like Inferno Cop? You'll like Ninja Slayer. Like Ninja Slayer? You'll like Inferno Cop. Simple..
report Recommended by Tension-Tenshi
-They are both animated by Trigger (also know for 2013's Kill la Kill and 2013's Little Witch Academia) -They both have a peculiar 2D art styles making them look like a retro video game (like Final Fight, Double Dragon) -They are both very devisive anime. -They both have short episodes (3 minutes for Inferno Cop and 15 minutes for Ninja Slayer) -The MCs have a strong sense of justice and are seeking revenge against a criminal syndicate -They are both set in a dystopian city They are both funny comedies with a surreal story although ninja slayer has some serious moments
report Recommended by You_Go_Now
Both are made by Trigger. Both are ridiculous, over-the-top action-thrillers about renegades with a vision of justice (one is a cop, one is a ninja). Both are modern anime masterpieces.
report Recommended by catullus_d_rus
They mark Trigger's infamous direction outside Kill La Kill, Inou-Battle, Little Witch Academia, and the currently-airing Hacka Doll. They're known for having low-budget animation, crazy dialogue and twists, mostly undeveloped supporting characters, tropes and the like. If the mind of a little kid had made an anime, those two may be it. Please note that Ninja Slayer has pretty much of a bigger budget than Inferno Cop, so don't expect 100% cut-out animation on the first.
report Recommended by astral_backlight
The same style and studio , different execution . Short-lived, with a particular animation, when there is not much movement. Where the protagonist won his abilities, to avenge his family , because of an evil organization .
report Recommended by OtakuNote87