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Titan or kabane armageddon? Decide while you still can as the wretched world falls into a complete pandemonium state. With extraordinary theme songs/OSTs and animation to accompany these series, one can only hope they get the recognition they deserve. As for the main characters in either series, a male that received the abilities of the devil while showing signs of righteousness and naivety…a female with lethal skills and deadly passion who fights to protect the people she loves. Blatant similarities like these simply can’t be ignored when in front of one’s eyes. Shingeki no Kyojin demonstrates a species’ right to survive in a world engulfed in   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Like seriously...if you're going to tell me Kabaneri is not an AoT ripoff...go home. Both protagonists have major temper issues and one-track "kill 'em all" mentalities because of some tragic loss of a family member. Both protagonists are half-human, half-whatever monster they're trying to fight against, and ostracized by rest of society for it. Both have a cool, badass girl who rarely makes any sense as a character and is really just there to promote feminism. That said, the Attack on Titan universe is more well-constructed than Kabaneri and makes a lot more sense. AoT is also more plot-driven while Kabaneri appears to be trying to be more character-driven.
report Recommended by fadinglotus
If you like Shingeki no Kyojin and want to watch a show that's most similar to it, look no further. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is the most suitable recommendation you will need. Rather than a story with titans, you'll find a story with Kabane which are undead creatures that cannot be defeated unless it's glowing heart is pierced, or an important body part that is completely severed.
report Recommended by nausy
Rather than fighting giant human looking creatures in Shingeki, Kanbaneri is more along the lines of fighting the undead that tries to humanity. The giants just, somehow, appears whereas Kanabes are people who comes back after being bitten. The protagonists infest the power of these supernatural beings and use it to fight for humanity even though in the beginning they're very naive and useless. The amount of gore is just enough in both anime.
report Recommended by Aleron
Both are in a post apocalyptic setting which can give you that sense of isolation that's present in both. (if you like that feeling, you should like the other) Both main characters are unusual with respect to the average person in their homeland, and they are somehow related to and enhanced by this post apocalyptic setting. If you like somewhat different main characters with grandiose goals, then you should like the other anime. Both main characters strongly want to eliminate all or fight against the main post apocalyptic enemy. Since this is a main point in both anime, it's definitely something that you may like about both   read more
report Recommended by 3xTripple
Main similarities: - humanity is on the brink of extinction by a more powerful species. - main characters have a certain "power" that helps them fight.
report Recommended by Haseoskeith
* Similarities in Story Setting: - Post-apocalyptic world - Steampunk settings - Mankind forced to live in enclosed places (cities or villages with huge walls surrounding them) - Man-eater monsters threatening the existence mankind - Hot-headed protagonist who lost his family to these monsters and wants to destroy them - Protagonist becomes a hybrid of human and the monsters, now extremely powerful because of that - Protagonist has close female friend who is an overpowered fighter, putting the most proven soldiers to shame - Hometown of protagonist invaded by these monsters at the very first episode - Nameless side characters dieing every now and then * Similarities in Production Team: - Same director (Tetsurou Araki) - Same   read more
report Recommended by TahZin
HUMANITY VS. OTHERS: [Titans/Kabane] Humanity is in the verge of extinction and has to stand up together to fight against the 'others'. The main leads are charismatic humans with a passion to defeat the others (with both being half of the 'other' creature). Has steampunk vibes and badass fight scenes/action.
report Recommended by knightdreaming
The situation that they are in. Humanity is on the line because of these 'monstres', it AOT, they have 'Titan', while in KNK, they have 'Kabane'. Very similiar vibe. Very similiar characters. Lots of deaths. Lots of fight scene too. Even they are produced by the same production house. So, I guess if you like one, you will like the other.
report Recommended by Myori
Made by the same Studio and Staff. Both feature a Mankind that faces an overwhelming monstruous enemy that is quickly anihilating what remains of them. Both of them feature fortifications, walls and steam-based weapons. Also, both feature a Main Character whose resolve is to defeat Mankind's enemy (Titans/Kabane) Naturally, both feel very similar, altought Attack on Titan is set in Europe while Iron Fortress is set on Japan. Also, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is very steampunk
report Recommended by Zahylon
Dark theme, apocalypse-like set, monsteruous creatures which want to drive humanity into extinction and a protagonist with special power who wants to change this fact. I think that the general idea behind Koutetsujou no Kabaneri was really very similar to Shingeki no Kyojin, the latter surely had way more potential than the first, but I believe who had watched Snk would like KnK too, especially when we consider the art-style and the OST.
report Recommended by Elgargini
Both are very serious and about saving mankind, not much humour but a lot of cheesy characters with a lot of determination.
report Recommended by Snajsmaster
Blood, gore, exciting action, monsters, a determined protagonist, badass characters. And even the same studio - similar animation and epic soundtrack. These series really have the same feel and atmosphere; you will likely enjoy one if you enjoyed the other.
report Recommended by tearbender
Almost identical concepts Both running/fighting from unknown monsters from unknown sources Both contain a lot of death Both extremely psychological and dramatic
report Recommended by Aerial_Assasain
So similar it would be plagiarism if it weren't for the director of Attack on Titan working on Kabaneri. still might be plagiarism.
report Recommended by DiscoMilf
Kabaneri seems like inspired by SnK and they're made by the same studio. Though both may have some similarities, Koutetsujo no Kabaneri has its own way to portray the characters and develop the story, plus it doesn't have a whiney MC at first. If you like SnK, you should give this one a shot.
report Recommended by KyuremX
MC uses the powers of the enemies - "Weak" male MC and strong female MC - Humans are living contained in strongholds
report Recommended by Obi_Juan_Kenobi
Similar plot, wall getting destroyed by overpowered creatures. Similar main characters.
report Recommended by kspam5
Once you see a trailer or read the description on this anime you might think: hmm... hold on a sec... where have I heard that before....? Well lets say it's not like they're even trying to pretend it's not almost exactly like Shingeki no Kyojin. Even the Soundtrack is basically the same! However I still can't decide which I like more. However if you enjoyed Attack on Titan, you will most likely enjoy this anime as well. Even though they're so similar, you don't feel like you're watching the same thing. I wont go into more detail how they are alike. But how is Koutetsujou no   read more
report Recommended by Okazaki-Fragment
A post-apocalyptic Earth, where the protagonist through revenge, will become someone "special" able to defeat those monsters that took away their loved ones.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Just read the description of both series and you will see that its basically the same thing, almost anyways. Same director, Same studio (Studio Wit) and same man that does the music in both shows (Hiroyuki Sawano) if you like one, you probably will like the other too :P
report Recommended by Azukio-kun
Badass female char. who is like mikasa. Badass male char. who is like Erin but is more aware of his powers and gives the powers to himself rather than them being thrust upon him. The first episode is only one out right now and it was honestly a really good episode. Looking very forward to the rest of the anime
report Recommended by dulay
When we see Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, we always likely to compare it to one of the most successful anime of all time, Attack on Titan. Not because they were animated by the same studio but because of the action-pack ambiance which is employed on each anime series. Both anime shows the bloody war between humanity and the creatures which dominates their world.
report Recommended by salamander02
Both are animated by Wit Studio. Both are set in an apocalyptic world. The MC is about to save the world because he is 'special'.
report Recommended by Tsuchisa
Both have: mindless creatures that everyone is afraid of and might endanger humanity; a vengeful main protagonist; amazing action scenes and animation
report Recommended by zeroian101
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Attack on Titan are probably the most similar TV series ever. Here's only a partial list of their many similarities: - In both, humans barricade themselves from monsters who kill humans. - Both have a main character with a power connected to the monsters the humans are fighting . - Both main characters state that their main goal is to fight the monsters. - In both, the main character's family is affected by the monsters.
report Recommended by Chapter_Seven
Both story tell about human that fight and dying to survive againts 'creature'. SnK with Eren and Mikasa Koutetsujo with Ikoma and Mumei have same director so no doubt about the similarities
report Recommended by Anistein
The same studio and staff and an incredibly similar plot with great potential. - MCs feel developed, realistic, and hardened by their hardships - Both OSTs are composed by the same person and are equally glorious - Similar plot; easy to get a grasp of; sets off at a blistering speed from the very first minute - A bit of violence and thrill, but contained -SnK has a pre-industrial European feel, whereas KnK is set in steanmpunk industrial feudal Japan As Season 2 of SnK has been postponed to 2017, Kabaneri is anime the best company of any Titan fan.
report Recommended by Defaultom
Walled cities, almost invincible human-eating monsters and determined main characters. Same animation style.
report Recommended by Eureka
They are both similar in that they both: - Have MCs that has a hatred of the titans/kabane - The titans/kabane are very similar in that they both eat humans - The setting in both are very similar in that they both are surrounded by walls - Made by the same studio and staff - Both has a similar plot - The MCs both have a power that's connected with the creature they are fighting Just to sum it up, if your a fan of SnK you should watch it.
report Recommended by Xiela
Same kind of story. Same kind of characters. Same kind of music theme. SnK still better, but it doesn't mean KnK is not worth watching. Go for both.
report Recommended by iversteins93
Just watch the first episode and get that AoT vibe. Not necessarily a bad thing given that you get hooked immediately onto the story by the end of the first episode. Go on, give it a try! :D
report Recommended by UsagiAlice
● Both have been produced by the same studio(Wit Studio) and therefore they have a similar aspects. However they are not completely the same. ● The main protagonists both show similar signs of ambition and determination toward eradicating their enemies in their fight for humanity (They also have awesome female sidekicks). ● The settings are similar, both having a post-apocalyptic environment though Koutetsujou no Kabaneri has more of a Steam Punk vibe. I would highly recommend you watch Koutetsujou no Kabaneri if you enjoyed Shingeki no Kyojin.
report Recommended by Xykhen
KnK and AoT are similar in a lot of aspects. To be more precise, KnK is a less refined version of AoT. In other words, a rip-off. + Titans and Kabaneris are similar things in the sense that both species are driving humanity behind the walls, figuratively and literally as well + The protagonists have very similar motives. Their aims are to exterminate Titans/Kabaneris because their families were killed by these creatures + Mumei and Mikasa are similar in terms that they're both badass female protagonists alongside our main guy + Not gonna mention AoT spoilers, but there's a superpower involved in both of them - KnK deviates after some   read more
report Recommended by One
They are pretty much the same show. -Main character is similar -Same studio -Same musician -Both have an invasion in episode 1 -Titans are just bigger Kabane I mean, I'd have a harder time pointing out differences than similarities.
report Recommended by thelectricow
- In both we have a post-apocylaptic world where groups of people live inside a walled city to survive a threat to humanity. - Both have people living in protected zones in fear of invading and dangerous and mysterious creatures that aren't well understood. - Both animes is about fighting these animes and driving them out! - Both anime's has Walled fortresses to keep out the monsters, and one person who comes to posess a mean to defeat the monsters more effectively. - Both protagonists lost their most precious person to the monster. - Bushi in Kabaneri equals Military in SNK. Notably, Kabaneri has the same director and animation studio   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
1. Both are about Creatures that are threatening the humanity existence. 2. Both have the same "angry,loud" Protagonist , and both of them are semi-humans 3. Both are using something to protect them from these creatures ( walls or trains ) 4. Both are made by WiT Studio , the composer of music is Hiroyoki sawano also. 5. Both have the female heroine that is powerful.
report Recommended by SilentBlaster
These are both simular in these aspects: - First off, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri was made by the same creator of Shingeki no Kyojin, so you know it's gonna be good. - The have same vibe, in which humans are faced with a great enemy... (both post-apocalyptic animes) - The main character/protagonist in Shingeki no Kyojin seems to have the same characteristic as Koutetsujou no Kabaneri's protagonist in sense of justice! - The sound tracks are really good, good enough to match against Shingeki no Kyojin's sound tracks. - Art style is breathtaking, nothing short of Shingeki no Kyojin's standards!
report Recommended by CookiesYummy
Very similar plot and both main characters are half human, trying to save the humanity.
report Recommended by BronzoDesuGa
In both anime humanity has been driven to extinction by an armageddon that happened in the past, in Shingeki no Kyojin by titans while in Koutetsujou no Kabaneri by the kabane. It is made by the same studio (Wit). Both anime start inside a fortified settlement showing the seemingly peaceful lives the people live, only to have it crumble in the face of the cruel reality.
report Recommended by joe_g7
They both have some kind of monster that has attacked the human race, forcing everyone to hide behind walls. The main character in both is determined to fight against the monster. Trustme, you will get AOT vibes when you watch Koutetsujou no Kabaneri.
report Recommended by oshieteyofeels
The same apocalyptic scenario, the same hybrid main characters fighting against non-humans (titans and Kabanes). Steampunk aesthetics, at some point, is shared as well. The epic and trascendental fight is leading by a group of people trying not only to survive, but to understand the world in which they live. Also remarkable, the great similarity between weapons: Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear (Shingeki no Kyojin) and Tsuranuki Zutsu (Koutetsujou no Kabaneri)
report Recommended by kusanagi-330
-Both anime tell about mankind that endangered by other species (titan and kabane). -Both main character possess the enemy power (Eren from AoT can transform into titan & Ikoma is half-human and half-kabane, or called kabaneri). -Both anime actually have same sequence of plot: survivor live in shelter - titan & kabane attack shelter - survivor run and find new shelter - titan & kabane attack the new shelter - and so on...
report Recommended by Ranseurs
Similar plots as in apocalypse type situation/humanity targeted. Both mc in both series can turn into the type of monster they're fighting. Heavy action in both series. Highly recommend.
report Recommended by shittyglassess
The graphics are a lot alike. There are some similarities in the stories. Both are about a after-apocalyptic scene and include a 'foreign' enemy that feeds of humans. There are also similarities in the characters. The stories of both of the protagonists are about how they lost their family and how they struggled to survive. There is a nice character development in both.
report Recommended by kriso4os
Both series take place in a post apocalyptic world where mankind is forced to survive by building walls to keep the monsters out. The main protagonist have experienced a traumatizing encounter with the monsters when they were younger and is now determined to fight for humanity's survival. Both series are made from the same studio. If you like one of them, chances are you'll find something to enjoy from the other.
report Recommended by Astradus
they are both made by the same studios and they have the same kind of feel, although i like the mc in kabaneri more.
report Recommended by Flafski
These shows are similar because: They were made my the same studio, Each of them have humanity slowly dying off because of Titans/Kabane, They hide themselves in walls/Stations There is only one way to kill them, MC is out for revenge.
report Recommended by Hodor98
These two are obviously very similar in content and overall impression, as both series had the same people involved. Both are action-oriented shows, feature a setting where mankind is defending itself against powerful creatures. However, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri also has a zombie-apocalypse-esque theme, as people bitten by Kabane turn into Kabane themselves and start attacking other people. While SnK has a pre-industrialized european look to it, KnK has more of a steampunk setting. Both shows make use of violence to get their point across. Both shows feature high quality music and artwork, so you are unlikely to be disappointed by the production quality.
report Recommended by Knockator
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror are all in this anime. The main character got the same goal revenge!. they both have the sense of justice.
report Recommended by Asta-ReboRn
both the series take place in a post-apocalyptic world were the humankind is facing extinction due to terrible monsters. the titan in the first and the kabaneri in the second. Also the protagonists are similar character, but the morals and the themes that these two series treat are different, although both very, very strong and deep
report Recommended by Sirion01
From the aspect of the story, anime singer has a lot of similarities, In Between can Judging from the attack of the kabane And titan Equally attack humans, humans are many who go to save themselves, and in this anime too many people are killed by Kabane and Titan , to then be able to watch yourself.
report Recommended by Rizkiawan-kun
Very similar plot, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri have multiple cities (stations) surrounded by walls to protect them from monsters (kabane) that are difficult to kill just like the titans. I wouldn't use the words 'a realistic version' of attack on titan but i would say its not quite as far fetched as fighting giants. I personally enjoy the feel of the characters, they are quite different to the characters in attack on titan so it shows another side to humanities survival. Obviously there is overlap in personalities for example : desperation, fear, cowardice etc. I just mean there are general differences.
report Recommended by Dannyoo
Both people from the anime series live behind walls, the protagonists share the same qualities and both anime series worth watching.
report Recommended by Calypso112
As soon as I watched Kabaneri it had a similar feel to sjingeki no kyojin. -both have "monsters" of some sorts after the humans -humans protected by walls and trains in kabenaris case -lots of violence and gore -beautiful artstyles -great music -well rounded characters definitely give this a try
report Recommended by mollymollu
both equally have a purpose to survive against non-human enemies, and equally cornered, but the two main characters alike want to fight even when others run out of fear ... and equally have special surprising powers .... both actions was quite stressful ...
report Recommended by azhari_firdaus
Both have intense scenes with blood and gore theme constantly sticking out episode after episode. They both include a group trying to survive against the odds constantly. They both have similar atmospheres. If you like one you will most definitely like the other!
report Recommended by Hoodiee
- Both have fantastic animation - Both are post apocalyptic - Both have a really strong badass female main character - Both have creatures that constantly provide a threat to the human race - Both have militariies which fight back against the creatures - Both have people within walls for safety - Some of the important staff worked on both shows (cant remember who exactly but im pretty sure they both had the same director)
report Recommended by phantom881
monsters...scared people being eeaten ... wall to protect humanity... angry mc with scary eyes who swore to kill them all... yes it's all there
report Recommended by doudi
Both are about survival, using unique weapons against human enemies, the main character wants to be stronger, sometimes I feel like the air was similar. oh also they're in the same anime production (WIT Studio)
report Recommended by sansensun
Both protagonists are warriors who destroys monsters and tries to look to a better and brighter future, and that is one of the reasons that Koutetsujou no Kabaneri & Shingeki no Kyoujin are so alike. If I were to give a two words in comparison it would be Dark and Hell. Dark for the revival to cause more chaos and terror to the citizens, and Hell for the number of monsters and difficulty the warriors have to bare to take them down. They both share the same difficult life and their hometowns being in total chaos and terror. The peaceful moments they share are   read more
report Recommended by PurpleGirl203
For these two anime, they are more similar in more ways than one for example; same gutsy main protagonist, main protagonist a half human half kabaneri, badass female lead the same mankind driven to the brink of extinction because of deadly creatures. Bottom line... If you like one of them, then there is no reason not to like the other.
report Recommended by namelessme
The whole wall thing is pretty similar and outside of those walls are creepy monsters who want to kill you, the moment they recognize you. Both anime also have a very simple plot, for my opinion
report Recommended by Qcuiekc_Otaku
Both were done by the same studio, have similar animation styles and dark themes
report Recommended by KaguraUmbrella
is similar because it is about invasion and a wall
report Recommended by shayuus
If you like walls, then here is more walls.
report Recommended by Strawngberry
It's almost same based on titan type .. story. Because here you'll see zombie which are equivalent to those type of titans. And here you'll also find special gears to eliminate them. Also has a pretty good story. I can assure you that you would love this.
report Recommended by FBA