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Shingeki no Kyojin
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(very)Generally speaking... Both series are about humans against non-human-but-human-like-form of unknown enemies. Both have special forces. Both have some kind of rocky development of an atmosphere: from the 'summer vacation' to "all hell breaks loose". No safety for any character.
report Recommended by CrazyCactus
*Mankind versus external non-human threat. *Lots of cool characters to choose your favorite from. *Action and violence, not too gory. *Superpowers.
report Recommended by CondemneDio
Both show the fear of human in front of a species which are really too strong but humanity have to fight it for her survival. Characters can't escape to their dramatic future and feel the pain and the regrets.
report Recommended by Meunry
the human race fighting against another species for their survival, and both their enemies are equally hideous, huge, and terrifying XD both have great action and suspense/thrill and gore ~also many death flags just warning you~
report Recommended by xdivinityx
So, basically, both anime are about a bunch of weird disgusting bastards trying to kill humans. Prepare for a lot of mental damage brought by seing some of your favourite characters get killed. Some get eaten, some get torn to pieces...but the main character survives, so, I guess there is a bright side to it.
report Recommended by shin_josae
There both nail biting heart racing action packed battles for survival against inhuman monsters , with a deeper underlying plot which makes you question who the real enemy's are.
report Recommended by R-J-S-KING
They both have to do with other life forms that are more superior to humans. And they are both very bloodddyyy
report Recommended by Watashi96
Two shows that give you brutal action scenes from beginning to end, both are not a great in their scripts, but pass great adrenaline to your viewer and have a plot wrapped in mysteries, even if they are sometimes pretentious and dumbs.
report Recommended by -Cyberpunk
Humanity on the brink of extinction? Check. Specially trained soldiers setting out to find humanity's salvation? Check. Giant, muscular, terrifying monsters killing every human they see? Check. Badass battles between the monsters and the humans? Hell yeah!
report Recommended by Calherbie