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Both are deep, dark and suspensful with amazing character development. Both are brilliant and origional masterpices with excellent animated battles. Other than that, they are quite different.
report Recommended by Hesteen
Fighting for survival of humanity that is a theme that both of these anime have in common. The main characters both have to fight in order to survive and they obtain a certain power that changes everything. You will see blood gore, stunning fight scenese and epic powers. But beware this are some dark series...
report Recommended by Darkbow
GORE,ACTION, FIGHT FOR HUMANITY: Main characters, Eren and Kaneki, start off as average humans against the antagonists of the story, Titans and Ghouls, which both eats humans but later on discovers much more than their own being... Some characters are also similar, such as Mikasa and Touka, as well as the plot develops deeper--the man vs. environment (monster) conflict turns into man vs. society. Also, both shows have badass music.
report Recommended by knightdreaming
Both have similar themes and thoughts about what it is to be a human or a monster. In both there is a lots of action and people get killed by a monsters while the main protagonist is struggling somewhere in the middle as a half of a monster and a half of a human.
report Recommended by MigRay
Similar characters, very good deep plot and more humans vs monsters (ghouls, giants)
report Recommended by RedExorcist
A lot of the character qualities are the same. Parallels between characters are easily drawn. The circumstances are a little different, but both protagonists have to overcome some of the same inner conflicts, before they are able to save everyone.
report Recommended by Dispute_x
- Both have a Type of organisms that eat humans . - Both have the character who belongs to the two conflicting teams . - Both have the same main character goal .
report Recommended by hegazi
its bloody and amazing. brilliant fight scenes and nice character development
report Recommended by GodOfTheDead
They both start out with the human population fearing cannibalistic monsters with human appearance and they are forced to fight them in order to survive, other ways they are similar would result in spoilers so ill skip that. They are also similar in the gore factor.
report Recommended by purdystar
Both have a alien type race trying to take over the earth and mankind joining forces to stop them
report Recommended by deepakuchiha
A main character who believes himself to be average among humans, but is actually borderline monster... A supporting character who is much more skilled than the main with powers that exceed what is expected of her age... A power, ability or form that one must be able to control at all times to be able to live as a normal human... Both Tokyo Ghoul and Shingeki no Kyojin have elements that are similar to one another.
report Recommended by KuroYatagarasu
Both of these series focus on a main character that is suddenly found to have new abilities, and the struggles of managing these unwanted powers.
report Recommended by natnatwood
Action, drama, and great animation. The two series are about humans who are pushed into their darkest moment when threatened by man-eating monsters, and the effects this setting has on its protagonist. They have a very similar tone and, while avoiding spoilers, I will say both put the protagonist in similar positions, but they're very different characters. Shingeki no kyojin is set in a dark fantasy and feels more "epic," and Tokyo ghoul is set in modern Tokyo making it feel much more personal.
report Recommended by Ketsubutsu31
-Both are reasonably gory -They share a theme of fighting for humanity -Both include 'monsters' (ghouls and titans) -The MC is quite discontented with his situation -A strong female character at the MCs side (Touka and Mikasa) -The 'monsters' in both eat humans While I have to mention that Tokyo Ghoul was a let down compared to the manga, the anime alone will be reasonably enjoyable if you liked Shingeki no Kyojin.
report Recommended by Shanayaaa
In both animes the humanity is fighting for their survival. Also, insane graphics and battles! Two of my favourte animes of all time! I'm sure you won't regret watching them!
report Recommended by Mintkasa
Fight between humanity and titans/ghouls. Gore, violence, dark atmosphere, lots of action, fight for survival and fight for humanity. Good character development and sound tracks.
report Recommended by Hutai
Both have gore and violence scenes
report Recommended by UaeDon
Both share a similar setting where beings is devoured by other beings. The main characters in both series share similar personality traits. (Eren & Kaneki) The male protagonists both struggle to become stronger along with control their inherited powers to protect the ones they care about. (Mikasa & Touka) Both tough females who support the main male protagonist. If you likes stories that involve cannibalism, with characters who constantly question humanity you'll enjoy both of these.
report Recommended by luxuriadolli
its similar because the protagonists are given this power that they can only fully obtain by giving up there own humanity. there also now become open to a whole new world and struggle to adapt to it.
report Recommended by Mrrags
First off, in both Shingeki no Kyojin and Tokyo Ghoul humans are hunted and eaten. Whether it be, swallowed whole or ripped to pieces and then eaten. The male protagonists in both animes are sort of similar in a way. Even though in the beginning Kaneki doesn't really fit the pissed off, fiery passion Eren has, they are still similar in some ways.
report Recommended by ErenNo
This recommendation is really obvious to me. Both are shounen/seinen action with really wonderful direction and extremely fitting music. Attack on Titan has much better animation and a more addicting story. However, I found Tokyo Ghoul's characters and themes to be more compelling. Tokyo Ghoul is also a little more mature and has more elements of horror. Be warned, for AoT has a few pacing issues, and Tokyo Ghoul season 2 is quite divisive. I just feel like these two anime go hand in hand. Want something solid to watch while you wait for AoT 2? Try Tokyo Ghoul! Feel empty after seeing the end   read more
report Recommended by DeleteSystem32
Character death everywhere. They'll both rip your heart out. 100/10 would recommend if you like hurting yourself. Also, anti-establishment themes if that's your cup of tea.
report Recommended by Nissi
-Both are about humans fighting monsters. (Humans vs. Titans/Humans vs. Ghouls) -Both MCs become the monster. -Both are violent (Although TG is more gory and bloody). -Both animes involve eating humans. Both are great animes if you're a fan of gore and watching humans get eaten.
report Recommended by -Heika
The vibe in both cases are dark and enigmatic. They evolve around the idea about how humanity is rotting slowly from flesh-eating monsters.
report Recommended by esseence
In both shows the main character ends up becoming one of the enemy due to someone close to them. The main characters also become incredibly strong because of their transformations. Lastly, in both shows the enemies eat human flesh and are hard to kill.
report Recommended by Gwenben
They both have (like it or not) dumb protagonist with witty friends. For some peculiar reason Tokyo ghoul reminded me of AOT.
report Recommended by Testcount0099
- both include humanity fighting against a somewhat overwhelming enemy - the main protagonists are similar, they try to learn how to survive in their catastrophic worlds - beautiful soundtracks and awesome openings - very well animated action scenes - blood and gore - interesting weapons used to fight Titans and Ghouls - both have shocking plot twists that will keep you glued to the screen :)
report Recommended by Yatori-chan
Both are dark and suspensful with an amazing characters. Both are original masterpices with an excellent animated battles.Both have a Type of organisms that eat humans, Both have the same main character goal. Main characters, Eren and Kaneki, start off as average humans against the antagonists of the story, Titans and Ghouls, which both eats humans but later on discovers much more than their own being.
report Recommended by Xx-JacKato-xX
Similarites: -Both anime stories include gore activities. -Both MC(Main characters) are basically non-human being or monsters. -Both anime have a plot where their world turned twisted once they think their world is safe.
report Recommended by xXAnime79Xx
In both anime, the main character turns in to a monster the humans despise. Both involve a dark theme. In both of the anime the main characters at first are horrified by the fact that they are, or can turn in to a monster but they later suck it up and become badasses.
report Recommended by tehcanemc2
If you like gore or violent like Shingeki no Kyojin then Tokyo Ghoul is a perfect genre for you to watch. From the plot, character, and the art. It really suited a gore and violent anime. So why don't you try to watch? Go, watch now!
report Recommended by KisZs
If Attack on titan was not on this list,it would just be incomplete.All of you know the plot ,even though you may not have watched it.Just one thing:watch it,if you haven't!!!!!!
report Recommended by kawainoodledesu
While watching Attack on Titan, it reminded me a lot of Tokyo Ghoul: - both have human-eating monsters exist that threaten humanity (titans and ghouls) - MC's have similar personalities (Eren and Ken) - MC's are weak at first, but grow stronger - MC's have similar abilities and learn how to use them effectively - both have organizations leading humanity's fight (Survey Corps and CCG) - both have great action scenes and fights - both are dark, violent, and have a lot of gore (Tokyo Ghoul more so) - both have amazing openings Overall, if you liked the dark premise and general feel of one anime, you will most likely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Shion
Similar type of enemy.
report Recommended by red1110m
SPOILER -In both stories, humanity trys to defend itself from getting eaten by mysterious, creepy creatures that feed on human flesh. -The walls in Attack on Titan isolate everyone from the rest of the world. Ghouls are only in Tokyo, Japan (I might be wrong) which isolates Tokyo from the rest of Japan and the world with dealing with ghouls. - Eren and Kaneki lose their fathers and mothers at a young age. -Eren and Kaneki are able to become the monsters they fear/hate the most. - Eren and Kaneki both accept they are Titan and Ghoul and defeat Jason and Annie. Kaneki eats Jason and Eren tears open Annie's   read more
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both animes are in a fantastic world with magic creatures but they have a good anime script, everything makes sense in the end, they are more serious than other animes.
report Recommended by Mariano90
both have things that eat humans and both are very good
report Recommended by Tueitdhdhgd
Well, the tragedy plot is similar between these anime’s and it is recommendable that you watch one another if you’ve enjoyed one of these.
report Recommended by qattuki_
idk both have being scared and running from a predator. They all have all a trope of accepting what there is or what they have and fight back.
report Recommended by Verou
Both shows have humans being eaten by "monsters". The main characters in both shows turn into these "monsters" and have to deal with the way people fear them. This causes them to suffer unreasonably as people treat them extremely poorly.
report Recommended by Am_Meep
Dark!Blood!Death!If you have watched Attack on titan then Tokyo ghoul then you can handle Tokyo Ghoul as well.Both involve death where their loved one have wached being killed.Both have great world-building.Both have great character development.Both have concept called world=bad.
report Recommended by Scordolo
- MCs turn into the species that their people (humanity) despise - series contains gore, brutal deaths - series revolves around protecting their own kind, and proving wrong of public perception - contains philosophy that is acceptable and well-said such as equality, liberty, etc.
report Recommended by IdleSicK
Similar storyline~ difference is between the 'titans' and 'ghouls' . Tokyo ghoul takes place in a modern time too lmao- whereas aot is in an old time period. both are amazing anime,, hope u enjoy em xx
report Recommended by nekoo02
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