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A group of humans in seclusion who live in fear of a powerful race of monsters that they have managed to evade for a long time, who are suddenly forced back into combat with these creatures.
report Recommended by Lindle
Both are placed in a world where humanity is in danger and need to defend themselves from this dangerous enemy who can push them to the brink of extinction.
report Recommended by Alskan
Shingeki no Kyojin and Sidonia no Kishi shares a common theme of revolution/warfare between humanity and a species that threatens their very existence. There is the grim reality of death that is explicitly depicted throughout the series. The main characters' survival wits are tested to their limits. And despite their sharp contrast in settings, the violence conveys their world in which only those who fights for what they believe in will survive. Expect action, discovery, and development.
report Recommended by Stark700
Humans has since long ago chosen to live inside a defensive barrier in order to fend off attacks from mysterious, powerful creatures that frequently attack humans. Faced with the grim reality of survival, the main characters choose to become soldiers to fight for survival.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
A group of humans in seclusion who live in fear of a powerful race of monsters that they have managed to evade for a long time, who are suddenly forced back into combat with these creatures.
report Recommended by JadeRuby
Humans gettin' boned. The only way to kill them is with a certain way; blood and gore.
report Recommended by Fryth
Both anime focus on the survival of humanity but in different settings. These two anime's explore the idea of co-existence with other species and have similar underlying themes.
report Recommended by Haseoskeith
A lot of deaths in both anime, everyone you love will die. Sidonia no Koshi and Shingeki no Kyojin are set in a dystopian world where mankind is constantly being threatened by a seemingly more powerful race of which little is known about. Both anime also revolve around the main fighting squad against those who are threatening mankind in their respective worlds. Also, a plus to the gore fans since both anime has a lot of blood and violence here and there. If you enjoy the suspense that will leave you at the edge of your chair while watching anime then this if for you.
report Recommended by Hajinnie
Both have the same plot where humans are in a brink of extinction against an enemy of giant proportion, except in one anime the people have to do some sort of spider-man stunts in order to fight the enemy while in the other anime the people there have the technological means to fend off the enemy.
report Recommended by RazorRamona200
SnK and SnK? I am seriously now confused as to which is which due to my lack of intellect and apprehension to acronyms. Aside from my unimportant observation of the alphabets, both premise involves the struggle of humanity against a foe they couldn't understand, a feeling of a conspiracy at work that may or may not have any relevance to the origin, behavior and supposed animosity of such foe, and a discovery of potential in humanity that may or may not lead to the salvation of one or both clashing entities.
report Recommended by Alcadre
Same base setting, The human race is on the brink of extinction by creatures they know close to nothing about. After a long time with peace the humans have to yet again battle these monsters. Similar in both there is lots of mystery around the creatures, where they came from, why they are attacking and what do they want, if they want anything. In both shows there's lots of good action scenes, plot twists you did not expect and really epic soundtrack in my opinion. Don't let the 3D-CGI animation stop you from watching it, give it a try. You will have to get used to it   read more
report Recommended by TiigerLily
Attack on Titan is a shounen version of Sidonia no Kishi set on Earth instead of space and has titans instead of gauna.
report Recommended by Kokko
humanity's last stand kind of thing. both are not afraid to kill characters and do a good job of making it all seem very real and terrifying
report Recommended by Auriolus
both anime talks about young people who trying to rescue the humanity from extinction .
report Recommended by mezzo12
- Both tell stories of human survival against large monsters. - Both have military fighting the monsters. - Both have the same acronym even. - Sidonia no Kishi far exceeds Shingeki no Kyojin in the sound department (any anime for that matter). - Sidonia no Kishi is set in space, Shingeki no Kyojin is on land.
report Recommended by Rice
both have the feeling of 'battle shonen with a added dash of desperation and carnage' and both are focused on a 'last' bastion of humanity fighting against a monstrous enemy. Differences are mainly in the setting, Sidonia is sci-fi in space with mechs, Shingeki is more grounded, fantasy oriented.
report Recommended by Malfegor
You don't have to squeeze your eyes to see the similarities that these two shows share. Both appeal to the viewer with their obscure and mysterious world building, both have placed humanity at the brink of extinction and both kill their characters with no hesitation. There's also a distinct and unique script writing in both of them that turns the generic apocalyptic plot to an ingenious story that leaves you wanting for more.
report Recommended by Ligkonakos
Both shows involve the last sliver of humanity's hope fighting improbably large enemies that want to eat them. Both protagonists are idealists that don't want to see any of their precious friends killed but see it happen anyways. And both shows offered a similar episode-by-episode cliffhanger-ing style.
report Recommended by SugoiChappy
> Both have some kind of weapon to eliminate enemies. ( Blade / Spears ) > Enemies have to be hit in a specific place to be annihilated. ( Nape of the neck / Core ) > Both anime has some kind of huge oppressors to mankind. ( Titans / Gaunas ) > Humanity lives in a secluded and isolated place. ( Walls / Sidonia ) > SnK = Sidonia no Kishi, SnK = Shingeki no Kyojin > also, both protagonists hate their oppressors, except that Sidonia's MC actually kills
report Recommended by Nakatoshi
- Both series is a dark show. - The story is all about survival. - Humanity lives on a small world (Walls / Sidonia). - Characters are soldiers / knights. - They fight an unknown race (Gauna / Titan) - Their acronym is both SNK ;)
report Recommended by Thir-kun
Both are about Humanity's Struggle for Survival The Protagonist in both of them is mankind's last hope
report Recommended by Elsyaad
In both anime they are trying to survive from monsters
report Recommended by bowmanpro
Where humanity’s at the verge of extinction due to more dominant creatures. Shingeki No Kyojin has Titans, Sidonia No Kishi has Gauna. Titans and Gauna consume humans. Superb and catchy OSTs. Both have SNK acronyms :D Difference is that Sidonia takes place in space and more of mecha, and most specially the art.
report Recommended by Ishi-sama
Sidonia no Kishi is essentially Shingeki no Kyojin meets Ender's Game. Humanity is in it's last stronghold (spaceship) fighting against giant monsters that threaten to wipe them out of existence. Monsters that may resemble humans themselves. The series is currently ongoing but I would highly recommend it.
report Recommended by Aeglin
To be blunt, Knights of Sidonia = Attack on Titan in space (SPAAAAAACCEEEE). There are probably more similarities between SnK (Shingeki no Kyojin) and SnK (Sidonia no Kishi) than there are differences, one of which is the title (this will be confusing). Both are in an apocalyptic setting with humans fighting against a large flesh-coloured monster that reappeared after 100 years of peace. The monsters in AoT and KoS (better?) both have a weak spot which the humans exploit, and they both regenerate. Oh, and lots of people die. The differences with them, is the fact that KoS was made entirely with CGI (and 2D Cell   read more
report Recommended by forgehe
Both shows are about the humanity fighting against something like natural predators. In Shingeki no Kyojin, Humanity was fighting against Titans. in Sidonia no Kishi (Knights of Sidonia), Humanity will fight against Gaunas, some kind of giant aliens. Sidonia no Kishi happen's in the future, where humanity make use of giant robots that can fly and do cool stuff like that As duas séries são sobre a humanidade lutando contra algo como predadores naturais. Em Shingeki no Kyojin, a humanidade lutava contra titans. Em Sidonia no Kishi (Cavaleiros de Sidonia), a humanidade luta contra Gaunas, algo como Aliens Gigantes. Sidonia no Kishi acontece no futuro, onde   read more
report Recommended by datMichael
Both shows feature the last remnants of humanity in a fight against a powerful enemy whose goal seems to be the elimination of the human race.
report Recommended by Smurf
disasters that threaten human populations
report Recommended by liercykazumi
Humanity is in similar situation in both of these shows although setting is different. There is mystery behind main antagonists in both shows. Both shows have many cliffhangers. Music and action are combined in both show to make them extremely exciting.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Both are in a setting where humanity is in a verge of extinction, where they have to fight against an unknown monster/alien etc. Both main characters are set in a training school.
report Recommended by kkarma_
- both deal with humanity on the brink of extinction in the last fortress of humanity - an unknown lifeform which can take on humanoid form is the cause of their near extinction and they're under constant threat from them - The MC has some secret ability within him that they're not aware of themselves - companions of the MC are brutally murdered throughout the series
report Recommended by wheniwasyoung
Attack on Titan is quite possibly one of the best action animes I have ever seen the sheer weight of humanitys situation in the show can be felt. Knights of Sidonia is almost identical in this regard, it has great action, great characters, plot twists and turns, ethical and moral dilemnas and so many good traits. Both shows have- -A main character who symbolizes the fight for humanity -A dystopian/apocalyptic future where humanity is terrorized by massive powerful creatures(Titans and the Gauna) -A setting where humanity is enclosed by walls and consists of the last remnants(The walls and the spaceship Sidonia) -Strong ethical and moral questioning of what is right   read more
report Recommended by ThePowerofKings
A population of humans living within a defensive base for safety from the powerful enemy that lives beyond their walls. Both main characters are involved in assault squads that take the fight into the enemy territory.
report Recommended by MechJockey
Note : This recommendation contains bad grammars. Both are action anime. Based on story line, both anime shows humans are trying to survive from fear of monster threat by making shelter to form a defense forces. And also there are many of main character's friends died during the war which makes him sad and fight back for revenge.
report Recommended by amosaleksander
Both shows have giant monsters hunting humans and the setting is post-apocalyptic. Attack on Titan is medieval while Sidonia no Kishi is set in Space. Both shows have "knights" and conflicting morals. Plus lots of blood and gore with no care for fodder!
report Recommended by phantom346
Knights of Sidonia is basically Attack on Titan in Space. Humanity's last chance trapped in a distressing situation. *check* MC who has a weird past and sports epic fighting abilities. *check* Supporting cast consisting of hardcore soldiers and incompetent friends. *check* Humans developing special gear to fight a enemy that threatens them with extinction. *check* IF you liked Attack on Titan or Knights of Sidonia, chances are that you'll like the other.
report Recommended by Biosarge