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Both Miyazaki...both great storylines. Each has great elements of fantasy and action,.. and to finish.. each has an amazing OST by none other than Joe Hisaishi.
report Recommended by Wayfarer
These two movies seem very similar. Princess Nausicaa has many of the same qualities as Prince Ashitaka from 'Princess Mononoke'. Little subtleties like the enchanted forest in 'Mononoke' and the toxic forest in 'Nausicaa' reflect each other. The boars from 'Mononoke' and the Ohmu from 'Nausicaa'. Both these movies are very unique and at the same time very similar. Perhaps the similarities are due to the fact that they are both Hayao Miyazaki films. 'Princess Mononoke' is the story of human civilization expanding and endangering the enchanted forest and how the people/creatures of the forest react to that growth. 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the   read more
report Recommended by JLeeson
Making recommendations for Hayao Miyazaki films is almost useless. This director has it’s own style in graphics and storytelling which is hard to be muddled. His every film share same ideas and attitude about life. All characters in his films act almost the same, naturally, following their own heart and without hesitation. So if you’ve seen one of Hayao-sama films and get excited go and watch the rest. Here we go with Mononoke and Nausicaa. Except favorite Miyazaki’s mysteries girls which have special ability (for example to communicate with strange creatures) or artifact you’ll find in these movies his other favorite feature – a relationship between   read more
report Recommended by Iahel
Both of the same director, they share the sme message of protecting our world and the nature. A brave girl who will give everything to save the world she loves so much despite of the cost it will need. A masterpiece
report Recommended by sakurita_chan92
Both movies have a similar environmental conservation theme, have strong female characters, and show a fine line between what is considered good/evil. If you enjoy any of Miyazaki's movies, these are definitely must-sees.
report Recommended by shoebox
Both have that man vs. nature theme but in different settings. Both Miyazaki films.
report Recommended by Puerh_Cha
Obviously the influence sphere is obvious, since both of these works were done by the same man (Hayao Miyazaki / 宮崎 駿). In many cases, Princess Mononoke feels like a spiritual successor to Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. The films both deal with the same issues and problems, and most of the characters even fit the same roles. The only difference is the setting, where P.M. takes place in the Muromachi period of Japan, Nausicaä is a steampunj-futuristic setting. The stories are almost exactly the same, but, that doesn't make them both enjoyable for different reasons. Nausicaä is a must see for anybody.
report Recommended by MFGreth
They're both about princes and princesses saving the village and both pretty much have violence. Although, Princess Mononoke has much more bloody parts than Nausicaa and it reminded me more of this so I had to make a recommendation of it.
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
Both are ghiblish movies, made by the same author, similar art. In both of them one of the main characters is a strong fighter female who cares about nature/animals. They are both really good movies.
report Recommended by 0Rekol
They both were made by the same director and animation studio, so they share similar styles of artwork, and of pacing. Most notable of their similarities is their story themes. Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke are about finding and balancing harmony between Nature and Technology.
report Recommended by mutelaughter
Both are Miyazaki films with a strong emphasis on the conflict of Man against Nature in which a kind-hearted hero brings peace to both sides.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
I cannot stress enough how similar these two movies are. Both beautiful films about humans and their relationship with nature and how the natural elements of the world react when threatened by humans and the construction of man. Nausicaa and Ashitaka are extremely similar and their relationships with the other characters and how they treat their world and fellow inhabitants of it are without a doubt next to the same. I can argue that Miyazaki created Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa as a test run in a way for Mononoke Hime just because how similar the two films are. If you loved one of these   read more
report Recommended by Garserker
The story is somewhat similar, about a mystical world the heroine interacts with and tries to bring peace to.
report Recommended by SeekingWaylander
Both being awesome Ghibli movies... There is no need to add more XD But compared to other Ghibli movies they both have the theme of humans´ war against nature and how to coexists or not. :)
report Recommended by ProfaneValkyrie
These Miyazaki works rank as possibly the greatest anime film productions in history. Themes of environment and social responsibility are strong in both these films, but Nausicaa is a more personal journey with a more inventive mythology.
report Recommended by bhijml
The darker and more violent of the Ghibli films. They have very similar themes, story, and characters.
report Recommended by kerberos242