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Soukou no Strain
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Soukou no Strain
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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo
These anime are about girls from influential families that loose everything after the betrayal of there brother.
Both girls also suffer bad treatment because of the actions of their brother.
And in order to gain what they have lost the have to fight with robots.

The starts of the anime are very strong and leave a good impression.
report Recommended by Aversa
Like all great directors, Fukuda knows how to learn from works of the past and improve upon them
-Despite how congested Strain was with its story lines and themes, it evidently lacked the complexity to become critically acclaimed. Cross Ange includes even more themes and plot points for no discernable reasons with barely any exploration to them, provoking thoughts in the viewer instead of spoonfeeding them.
-The preference for gore, shock factor and nudity has escalated greatly between the time of production for the 2 series. Cross Ange adapts to this by accounting holistically for all these factors and even Turn Them Up to Eleven,   read more
report Recommended by AceLe
Battling Mechas and lots of girls, one blonde in each anime who has to readjust thier entire life because of family. In both anime they each even cut off their own hair. Both shows I think are fantastic feminist mecha anime, which I would recommend to anyone who likes strong female characters trying to find out how this could have happened to them.
report Recommended by JLaw21