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Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku
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Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku
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Settings of these shows are quite diffenent, Bokurano with its sf-mecha elements and NTHT\'s harsh fantasy world. Both series show the more evil twisted side of human nature. And the most important point: the main protagonists are all kids. These kids have to deal with the \"adult\" situations and the consequences of their actions in a cruel world.
report Recommended by DarkLaila
Both shows deal with children and very serious issues that surround them. Bokurano covers a wide variety with a diverse cast while Now and Then, Here and There weaves a more singluar story. However both share strong similarities in that the gravity of each story can be quite somber.
report Recommended by tainteddonut
If you liked Bokurano...try NTHT! It is a very good anime. It's about kids having to fight a war that they dont want to but have to to survive...give it a chance will not disappoint!
report Recommended by regionalqt
Both share the theme of bleakness and the the feeling there being no hope for anyone. Both have absolutely depressing storylines and are spectacularly well done.
report Recommended by ZachM
If you are looking for emotional, serious, and depressing plots, they have the same elements. The settings are different, but the theme of children placed in war-like situations in way over their heads is there.
report Recommended by DrowningEel
Both take place in quite different settings, although both series are futuristic. Bokurano is a mecha series, while Now and Then, Here and There is a dark take on the Isekai genre, where a boy gets transported into a dystopian future. Although they are different on the surface, they deal with the horror of war and children finding themselves in a horrible situation.
report Recommended by Maneki-Mew