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Hachimitsu to Clover
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Besides the fact they're both from the same manga-ka, they are both stories about the interpersonal relationships with others, illustrated with the perfect contrast between other dynamic characters and the overall tone and color of their lives. The use of real-life based drama fleshes out the characters which genuinely immerses you to experience the lives of these characters. They're both aimed towards the adult demographic respectively! (Seinen and Josei)
report Recommended by IchiroEX
Both written by the same author so the main reason to watch one if you liked the other is they have the same "feeling" and atmosphere. There are also these similarities: -Stories of people growing up, and learning how to cope with hardships -Strong casts with a great mix of heartwarming moments with drama -Same unique art style
report Recommended by WorstWaifu
I've been trying to find an anime similar in feeling like Hachimitsu to Clover for a long time. And now I can say: the most similar to Hachimitsu to Clover is "3-gatsu no Lion" - same feelings and humor - Yuki Music, heh
report Recommended by Originalov
The manga they are based on are made by the same author. It involves prodigies struggling with finding their place in the world, and the MC are similar in the fact that they reflect on their lives and struggles. The atmosphere is also similar, although HtC is a lot less serious most of the time. If you like how the characters interact, the atmosphere of the show, and in particular the depth of the characters and how they are portrayed in 3-Gatsu no Lion, you will definitely love Hachimitsu to Clover equally.
report Recommended by Haruka
Same author, similar graphics, similar plot.
report Recommended by Aiko-Aiko
I think they have a similar feel to them. - They are both about finding yourself, accepting yourself and finding motivation. - There is an age gap between the main characters where one is in highschool where the other is in college. But the cast in 3-gatsu no lion is very varied with its characters, so it makes up for it if you are looking for a mature story. - Both shows gives you the feels. - They can both be very heartwarming. - Great characters in both shows.
report Recommended by Winatrix
Realistic, relatable, coming-of-age stories. Both feature thoughtful dialogue and deal with mature themes such as depression. They're more than just anime; they're life experiences. Shows like these are rarely produced nowadays, which is a sad thing.
report Recommended by DeadAccountRIP
Considering that both have the same authors, 3gatsu and H&C are coming-of-age stories with very angsty MCs. Their premises are really similar with slight variations (3gatsu is shogi centered while HachiKuro is on fine arts). If you like the watercolor backgrounds and likable character interactions then you might like either of them.
report Recommended by AIDSKrillex
Both are grounded and personal tales about life with all of it's bitterness and sweetness. A perfect balance of lightheartedness and realism. A naturally unfolding drama that shows a lot of thought to the characters. Both works have a lot of heart put into them and I highly recommend watching both.
report Recommended by Orhunaa
Both anime centers about soul searching as characters search who they are or what they want to do. Both anime's also focuses on the lives of other characters and why they become like that.
report Recommended by MetalTsundere
when I saw this anime quickly remembered Hachimitsu to Clover (one of my Top 10), and started to compare them and find their similarities, and these are: -Both Have the same Author - Art is similar - Characters are very similar - Have deep thoughts - Interesting story with characters always diversified
report Recommended by KeitaCH
Both have a similar artstyle, the artstyle flawlessly manages to show emotions the characters feel. Both shows step into the more mature anime side. In both shows the main characters struggle with life.
report Recommended by 2ego
- Same original creator (Chica Umino) - Good 'coming of age' animes - Very charismatic characters - A good mix of comedy with drama
report Recommended by Orleans_Nery
I feel the same exact vibe between these two anime. Yes, they have nothing in common story wise, but the journey that the main characters go through give off a similar heartwarming and/or super intense vibe that just makes you want to watch every episode non-stop.
report Recommended by LordofJesters