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Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo
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Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo
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Yume-iro Pâtissière
Watching the second episode of Yumeiro Patissiere I kept being reminded of La Corda D'Oro. Sure the fairies have different ways of working between the shows but there's quite a few similarities there otherwise.
report Recommended by Illuminary
Main girls... meeting "fairy"-like creatures... having taught by one... learning... trying to appeal to others... both are kind of reverse-harem type... both stories are kinda cliche...
report Recommended by bwub
well, the main character of la corda who plans to excel in playing violin also encountered a fairy but instead of sweet fairy, she encountered a music fairy...
report Recommended by mikanxsakura
The basic theme is different, cooking vs music. But in both anime the main character, both females in a group of other males mostly, strives with their group to be better. The idea of making other happy is shown alot throughout both also the idea that you need to love cooking/music and be happy yourself in order to be good. Theres the slightest bit of romance and great friendships that start a little iffy. But in a personal opinion i think they were both joyful anime and very worth watching. Hope this helps ;]
report Recommended by Ajrusse1994
These two shows have very similar plots, except Yumeiro Patissiere takes place at a (middle school) pastry school and La Corda D'Oro takes place at a (high school) music academy. Seriously, it's practically the same show.
report Recommended by dicelees
Both have a girl who attends a school that revolves around skills (one is music, the other is cooking). Both of the founders for the schools had a relationship with a fairy, and so there is a big statue of the fairy at the front of the school. The girl meets a fairy and at first is a bit shocked (Kahoko from Kin. no Corda more so) but then gradually builds a friendship and trust with them. The fairies help the girl with a skill that they are absolutely terrible at, but then the girl slowly get better and can do things on her own.
report Recommended by MeNaK
The fairies, the competitions, and the characters are all quite similar. (And that statue!) I liked Yumeiro better.
report Recommended by pandoreye
Faries/Spirits that help an inexperienced main character hone in on their artistic potential in order to build skill and technique.
report Recommended by vampayakarin
La Corda and Yumeiro are both Shoujo and Reverse Harem and involve a girl who joins a competition, though only a "newbie” in what the competition is about. They both also have a Spirit/Fairy.
report Recommended by wowsermax
Even though the theme is different (in one is Music and in the other is Cooking), the story is basically the same. A girl (MC) with a skill that they are terrible at starts learning and strives to be better. They're surrounded by a group of very attractive guys, and get some help of "fairy"-like creatures. There are also some hints of romance here and there in both stories.
report Recommended by _Blossom