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Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo
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Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo
Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%
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Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%
Exactly the same everything, drawings, genre, harlem and all but better because of they are idiols!
report Recommended by sabgian
/!\ For sure if you like one, you WILL like the other /!\ - Same romance ambiance, where you have a (naive) girl, who will charmed all boys. (bishonen) - Musical ambiance, just in Kin no Corda it's just instrumental ambiance, and Uta no prince it's songs, dances, compositions. - Same bishonen style : cute boy, friendly boy, cold guy, schizophrenic guy. - the heroine begin with novice skill, but she become better (the best). the Only DIFFERENCE : in Uta no prince you don't have the fantastic touch, the heroine have real skill, and not a fairy behind her. It's OBLIGED you like one, you will like   read more
report Recommended by cainael
Both falls into music/romance/harem genre anime. In Kiniro no corda the MCs are using musical instrument while in Uta no prince sama the MCs are singer/songwriter/composer. Both has good looking guys with different personality.
report Recommended by yHam
One girl surrounded by a group of handsome guys. Both invlove schools for musicians.
report Recommended by doorotka
In his type of argument, music, more bishonens, harem reverso.
report Recommended by Dixy
Both are anime about music & are reverse harem.Both are made from visual novels of the same names.If you like one then you will definitely like other one.
report Recommended by TragicRomance
Both anime are musical.Also, there is only the one main heroine surrounded by bishies! Both are harems...
report Recommended by starry_Sora
Reverse harems, with a somewhat timid female lead. However, Kiniro focuses more on classical music, while UtaPri is about a school for pop idols. If you like one, you'll definitely like the other.
report Recommended by CaedesoftheSkies
They are actually very similar, uto no prince sama is basicly a bording school of music, composing and singing, where a girl comes to the school, and there a a few boys with differnt personalities, that all admire her! Then there is kiniro no corda a bording school of again music but this time focusing on intrumetal music. And a girl again is surronded by boys, and helping her! kiniro has a twist of magic though! But if you like one you probily you would like the other! Oh and i LOVE both of the sound tracks, also they have pretty good art!
report Recommended by animefreak12345
Both series are reverse harems based on an otome game so expect to see some hot n' steamin' guys complete with tsunderes and shotas! Both are music related as well.. For Kiniro no Corda, the guys are talented mucisians while Uta no Prince-sama, the guys will be aspiring idols~ True that there are fewer guys present in UtaPri, but hey.. they look even hotter than the guys of La Corda! (*/∇\*)キャ ♡Girls...get ready to fall in love!♡
report Recommended by Momo-Hime
Both are animes about music and have harem in it. they are both very similiar.
report Recommended by scarlett22
Both focus on music while Kiniro no Corda is into instruments and Uta no Prince-sama have musicians. Both also have reverse harem.
report Recommended by keiyaku_
Both female protagonists must learn some form of music (violin and composing) with little or no former experience. The two go through a period of little self-confidence, and have to overcome that with a lot of practice and learning. Some jealousy is directed towards the two. They are surrounded by male students who help them and they befriend. Both happen to be prodigious in their respective music schools and have to compete with other students. The competing musicians and idols are admired by the rest of the student body. Also, these two animes encourage that love of music is enough motivation.
report Recommended by Aeowina
It's hard for me to not think about either of these series when watching them tbh. Both series features music as a prominent theme throughout each episode with the main female protagonist trying to learn the style and art of it. Both series features a prominent male cast who each specifies in music with different personalities and appearances. They make special bonds with the main female protagonist throughout the series as well. Both series also contain elements of drama, comedy, music, and romance.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both animes about music. Also there is one main character surrounded with group of guys.
report Recommended by Miraniel
It got very romantic because every boys that a girl met feel in love and try to get her love them, have very good music to listening, there a lot of handsome/cute guys in the shows!!!! ^.^
report Recommended by aznice1234
Both anime are about music... in both anime it turns around a girl who loves music and is taking music lessons... during the episodes the two girls will meet diferent guys that will fall in love with her but one of them is more important to her <3
report Recommended by kairi07
•both are a reverse harem •both girl protagonist are naive and timid and surrounded by beautiful Bishōnen boys •both anime contain music, where the protagonist and supporting boy cast compete to be the best at there respective fields •both anime supporting characters develop feelings for the protagonist girl and fall in love with her as the story develops •both have very simple, plot, which can be overlooked by the music being played in both animes •both anime girls struggle with criticism among there peer groups •they are very similar in the reverse harem, bishounen, romantic, musical way, if you liked one you would probably like the other.
report Recommended by Lupta
The music situation and girl position in harem are similar. Both don't go to detailed into the romance and the music used it pretty good. If you like Primo passo u will 100% prince-sama, if you have watched prince-sama and not Primo passo I think you should still watch it even though it might not be as thrilling as doing it vise-versa.
report Recommended by Kasavon
They're both alike in its genres = music, romance, comedy. They do have the same story plot that shows how music can change anyone and to strive hard for what we really dream of.
report Recommended by dropdeadalleycat
Both have a reverse harem structure, where the sweet, "natural" girl is surrounded by very talented, very good-looking men. Both focus on music, with Primo Passo featuring more classical music, and Uta Pri featuring pop music. Neither one has a very great plot structure - you won't be surprised by anything that happens, and the obstacles encountered by the protagonists are overcome fairly easily.
report Recommended by hmp2z
Both are about music. In La Corda, it's more about classical music. I heard a couple of songs that I used to listen when I was younger. It's kind of nostalgic. And in Prince-Sama, it's modern music that you could dance on =P. For me, it was a world to discover of high ranked talent. It made myself wanted to learn more. ^^'
report Recommended by inouee
Both of these are Reverse Harem anime and both take place in a music school, involving music students trying to progress as musicians and many male students are effected by one girls determination and love of music.
report Recommended by Alffiee
If you liked UtaPri, then you're pretty much guaranteed to like La Corda D'Oro as well. Along with being a reverse harem type anime based off of a video game, it also embraces the musical theme, though in La Corda, it's centered around instrumental music instead of vocals. La Corda also contains a wide selection of handsome guys with unique personality types. I think the heroine in La Corda is a slight bit more interesting as well.
report Recommended by MidnighBlueBlack
Both are reverse harems that circle around music! ♪
report Recommended by peachlin
Both are really similar shows with the main girl being surrounded by a bunch of guys with different personalities in a music school setting and a little supernatural element... Though, Uta no Prince is more light-hearted and funny while La Corda D'oro is more dramatic. Fun shows to watch if you're a girl!
report Recommended by Arte_mis
School of music. A lot of cute boys who are engaged with the protagonist. Oh,yeah,they are similar. :-)
report Recommended by suhoapple
They both have reverse harem, and they are both about music
report Recommended by Itsjulie
Both UtaPri and Kiniro no Corda are essentially anime based around music appreciation. Kiniro no Corda takes this a little more seriously whereas UtaPri likes to focus more on the comedy, but both really like to delve into how music can be life changing. Also, both mc's begin as novice to music, but through the series begin to grow through their love for it. Both are also an odd sort of reverse harem in that all the pretty bishies fall for your girl, but romance almost never plays a part in the show. Also, both are FANTASTIC
report Recommended by guini_mitsukuni
-all the guys characters crush on the girl -reverse harem -music themed anime
report Recommended by Kotoni-Sukina
Kiniro No Corda and Uta no Prince-sama both have the harem AND the music aspect. In Kiniro no Corda there's more using instruments while Uta no Prince-sama has instruments and vocals. The messages given through the music are absolutely astounding but I have to say that so far in Uta no Prince-sama the messages in Kiniro no Corda are much more powerful and have larger meaning. As for the harem aspect, in both there are also similar characters such as Azuma Yunoki and Jinguji Ren. Maybe even Ittoki Otoya and Kazuki Hihara. Either way, both are very strong in their music aspects and they have   read more
report Recommended by PockyWatcher
-Both are about music, one classical, the other one pop. Both contains amazing beautiful music -both contain a kind and shy heroine surrounded by hot and talented guys -both contain a little bit of fantastical theme (fairies and royalty etc.)
report Recommended by MagicPotato98