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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo
Similarities: -Both anime are developed by one studio, Sunrise -Both anime is story-based, and have many well-developed mecha fights -Both anime's MC's are of higher nobility, and are pretendents(heirs) to an Emperor title, but both have been stripped from their rights and privilegies by an enemy plot Differences: -CG(Code Geass) MC is male, while CA(Cross Ange) MC is female -In CA there is magic and magic users, while in CG there is no magic -In CA the world being attacked by mysterious aliens, while in CG the world itself is not in any danger and CG have political brawlings and faction vs faction warfare as the main plot twists.
report Recommended by Jambatti
Cross Ange is Code Geass's little sister. If you enjoyed Code Geass then there is no way that you wouldn't enjoy Cross Ange. You probably haven't seen it because of a low MAL rating, but the rating is low only due to the show portraying a bit of "realism" and covering subjects such as discrimination which might be hard for some to swallow. Yes, the animation is slightly worse than Code Geass and the plot is not as serious, but otherwise it's pretty much a female version of Code Geass. Both produced by Sunrise, so expect mecha action, plenty of plot twists and a wide range of   read more
report Recommended by HandsomeMan
Similarities: Sunrise Royalty Mecha Discrimination Military Some well deserved karma! Even though it's still on 2 episodes, you could immediately tell the similarities of the two Anime, even if the character/personality of the main two MC have nothing in common ( Not too sure,yet ). The two struggle to get to their throne through Mecha/machinery and the military and also their own strength/power. Not to mention,made by Sunrise studio , and they don't fuck around like we know and gets on with it instead of wasting time, and that's what has been happening so far within.
report Recommended by Fherrer-san
In hindsight, the mood of the both show is very similar from beginning to end, giving the audience the epic feeling from their well-thought out stories. But it is not like the plots copy each other in anyway. Each create their own unique world that I highly recommend for you to check out and stick with it until the end.
report Recommended by sbokyu9
Both have mecha action, death of a characters but a slight diffirence since Cross Ange has low ratings due to some yuri and discrimination of existance on a character. Another thing is the main character which is female and romance takes place. Artwork is a little alike but Code Geass has the characters of lengthwise.
report Recommended by Xepther
Both anime are precise turds made by studio Sunrise. This is because both are completely rediculous shows that try to take themselves seriously, and the largest difference is that anime fans actually bought Code Geass' attempt. Both also have similar robot designs that are usually better than the show itself This recommendation was spiced up because someone thought I was joking
report Recommended by Retro_Chocolate