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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Log Horizon
what really hit me was the fact both aren't about one man army protagonist its the other way around it isn't' how to command and support others to win. so basically strategic fighting however since i have only viewed about 6 this is all i can offer in the future i hope to write more in detail so start watching plus obviously code geass is better but this isn't too bad either :)
report Recommended by Devastator004
Both Log Horizon and Code Geass have main characters who are geniuses though unlike Lelouch and Light, Shiroe doesn't have any special power like geass or a death note and instead has to use his own wits and Cunningness to achieve the goals he's set.
report Recommended by lazydj
Okay, let's see. While there is the obvious similarity that both animes feature a male MC who uses tactics to his advantage, they have other similarities, especially in characters. All the characters in both shows are quite fleshed out and all feel important to the story (well... Clovis...), and even the characters you dislike at first you will find a hard time disliking (Well... Clovis...) In another sense, the pacing is quite similar, with most episodes having some major relevance to the plot. Only major difference is that CG is MUCH more full on that Log Horizon. If you can't handle lot's of blood and death, then you   read more
report Recommended by sachi_shimazu
Both anime have a strategic male lead, and both are constantly put in surreal situations.
report Recommended by --Aurabreaker--
The main characters are both the stratigic masterminds behind the scenes. Though Log Horizons more light humored and over all less dramatic.
report Recommended by sername
I know, I know, what the fudge ripple am I thinking? But check this out: we've got politics, civil disorder, the art and strategy of warfare, and the establishment and division of power. The two protagonists, Lelouch and Shiroe, are both geniuses who stay in the background, orchestrating elaborate plans to lead their followers. Both really fun to watch unfold.
report Recommended by TKkissyou
While, at first glance you would think, how is "Log Horizon," which features characters trapped in a game world, to be similar to "Code Geass." First and foremost, the main characters are similar. Lelouch, infamous for his intellectual power, conquers the world with the gift of "geass," and his mind. While Shiroe, the main character of "Log Horizon," doesn't have this kind of gift, he has the skills acquired from the MMO, because, remember, it's not your regular world, also, like LuLu, he is also very strategic, able to plan out a battle to the detail. In this respect, people looking for an anime similar   read more
report Recommended by Emperor_L3louch
Both main characters are trying to make the world a better place. There is political and territorial tension in both series. Both MC are seen as evil by others.
report Recommended by Lord1agames