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The way the cases are solved have a similar feeling to each other. Splendid use of music in both series. The narration/introduction of a plot/case also resembles each other in terms of style and pacing.
report Recommended by ChuppahCrunch
They give off the same feeling especially cos they solve cases. However, Ghost Hunt is more focused on the supernatural. Nevertheless, if you like one you'll enjoy the other too :)
report Recommended by SweetIchigo
Both series contain the theme of detective fiction as characters tries to solve mysteries using clues and their minds. Both series' main protagonist possesses similar personalities in that they have an indifferent outlook on life and are usually in control of the situation. The main heroine in both series also helps the main protagonist and are known to have an imaginative mind. Both series have a mixture of comedy, drama, and of course mystery.
report Recommended by Stark700
+ Mystery anime that mostly take place around a high school setting + The male protagonists are very similar in how they are fairly quiet and excel at solving mysteries - Ghost Hunt has more horror aspects and is supernatural unlike Hyouka which is more relaxed with it's slice of life style and lack of supernatural elements - Ghost Hunt is shoujo and Hyouka is shounen
report Recommended by Asfaria
Both have a similar art style and story-line of solving problems or mysteries most often that happen in their own schools. Both female leads have a connection to the MC that is looked at as unusual because both of the male leads have a standoffish personality that doesn't let other people get close. Of course in the case of Hyouka's male lead its a case of extreme laziness
report Recommended by Karissa89
Mysterious atmosphere and subtle character development are similar.
report Recommended by Amibbnk
Both revolve around solving mysteries, with a cool guy and a girl. Ghost Hunt has more supernatural mysteries and is shoujo, where Hyouka has beautiful animation and mysteries about life.
report Recommended by JunoLawliet
Mysteries and puzzles to solve. The MC is smart and cool headed. They have formed a club to investigate the mystery. Preety similar story. Fun to watch.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince