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Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
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Both series seem to have a similar type of the main character: a good-natured boy who used to be a loser and then, through difficult training, he starts getting stronger and gets new friends on the way. In both animes the main character and his friends go through series of battles, increasingly more difficult, and their defeated rivals later become their allies and come to help.
report Recommended by Juxian
The main characters, Tsuna and Kenichi, started out as losers before meeting up with their eventual masters, Reborn and the Ryozanpaku dojo respectively. Both consist of fairly comical aspects of the daily lives and training methods of both characters, as well as a action side other storyline. Very often, both cahracters will also try to impress their love targets, Kyoko and Miu, often with the help of their masters. Eventually, both mains also start getting their own followers in the form of the Vongola and Shinpaku, though it should be noted that neither are very fond of their roles as the leaders of their   read more
report Recommended by HalRyder
Both have extreamly weak characters at the beggining of the show, but turn out to be badasses later on. Both have concept of being trained by "masters" who don't involve themselves much and are confident in the ability of their pupil. Both animes gather powerful allies to fight a gang/organization. Sub characters are also very enjoyable.
report Recommended by powjaynil
Hitman is very similar to Kenichi in the sense that there are "Masters" that dont get involved, and the character growth is similar as well. Also the surroundings are rather similar (Schools + area around the schools). On top of that, the character growth method is similar ~ Student gets trained by master, gets incredibly stronger each time. Not much more to say that that but, You should definitely check out Hitman if you liked Kenichi, and vice versa.
report Recommended by HardToName
Both Kenichi & hitman have similar feeling, School setting, master disciple relationships etc. Kenichi is eechier & focused more on martial arts <.<
report Recommended by onionsoup
-Both have the main character starting out as totally wimpy but throughout the series they get strong -Enemies become friends -Good Fights -Both have the main character trained by more than one person, so a lot of masters -Good humor for both of them too
report Recommended by mitzuki101
It is both about the same because it's started off with weaklings, like no-good tsuna and kenichi. Then someone trained them and become very strong, undergo different type of trainings and experience some real-life fights and both of them are very kind at heart. They both liked a girl, and even though the characteristics of the girl is different but treated them about the same, in short, they are about the same and rocks~!!
report Recommended by ehfien
Both feature two hero's that are hesitant to take their role and start off as cowardly but eventually build to become stronger characters. Both feature a strong supporting cast of hero's and villains. Both have very wise, humorous, and powerful teachers. The protagonist must fight there way through each challenger. Hitman features gang vs gang Kenichi features martial arts group vs martial arts group
report Recommended by BlueBreeze
Main characters in both series are depicted as a weak, good-natured, young boy. Throughout the series, both main characters become much stronger, gains more allies, leading those around them.
report Recommended by XieJinhua
Both stories have an incredibly weak main character that becomes stronger throughout the story. Both characters have no friends and make them as they go. Both characters get stronger for the sake of their friends, and they have similar messages about doing what's right for the sake of others. Both have a lot of really good comedy and are a bit over the top at times. Both are also adapted from manga series and only cover part, so I recommend reading both manga because the manga are actually a little better than the anime.
report Recommended by explicit707
I longed for an Anime which is similar to Reborn in terms of Everything. And with "History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi" I may found the Anime which is most similar to Reborn than everything else. And as Takahashi-sensei (Crows, Worst) once said: "If you have the main character, you most likely also got the plot". First let me say that Kenichi and Tsuna almost are the same person. Both are losers with no friends, bullied in school and bad in almost everything. But after a lot of training, with invincible Masters (Reborn and Ryouzanpaku), and fights (even though they both despise violence) they gain a high   read more
report Recommended by Rupdedudludu
In both series, there are quite a lot of similarities: The main male protagonist seems like a normal boy but is part of a family/organization that specializes in a dangerous profession/arts. They also seems to have a friendly relationship with a main female character from both series. In both series, there is a lot of funny dialogues, action, drama, and other events that transforms the main male protagonist from a normal boy to a more reliable character through his development.
report Recommended by Stark700
takes whinny boys, and turn them into heroes have crazy teacher(s) makes you want to root for the main charracter
report Recommended by misslovelace
Tsuna and Kenchi were weak at first but gradually they get stonger through their training and tutors.
report Recommended by KaitoTheKid
I think they're both great! If you like twisted, pervy, weird and laughable characters, you have to watch these! Hitman reborn is quite lame at the beginning, but it's still important to watch to get a sense of the different characters (a bond/connection if you prefer) and knowledge about how the group meet and hook up. I've watched it twice and I'm sure I'll be watching it again next year maybe :D
report Recommended by RoronoaQ