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Shaman King
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Shaman King
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Ueki no Housoku
I wouldn't call it the same storyline but there are some parallels. #1 tournament that decides who becomes "king" #2 superpowers #3 strong feel for justice and friendship #4 powers are lent (Ueki: from their god candidate; shaman: from their ghost) #5 A girl that decided to become the main guy's "manager" The rest is completely different though, characters aren't really similar.
report Recommended by kujika
They are very similar, in both you get to see characters with superpowers given by someone. You get to see a series of fights for the place of "world's king" in both animes. The characters and they story, the entire anime are very similar, but still difrent and interesting in their own way. :P
report Recommended by JudgeRuthless
They both involve a tournament setting with a cast of characters with distinctly different skills.
report Recommended by Claudius
Similar stories. Boy gets super power and fights to be the best. When I saw one I was reminded of the other.
report Recommended by mangos
They both give you the same feeling. Both use awesome powers.
report Recommended by Yamato-Takeru
Another tournament style show with a touch of supernatural. Unique enough to watch to enjoy, while feeling that they aren't the same show.
report Recommended by Shadow_Links
They both compete in a tournament to become "king." Powers are lent by spirits/candidates. They both have a "fight for your friends" motto. Characters have different abilities. Both have a villian with a bad past bent on destroying the world. One prankster/jokester character joins the main group.
report Recommended by Deer50
Both series consists of the battle shounen theme where there is plenty of action presented by the main characters. Both series deals with a 'tournament' where there is glory to be won and those who are strong enough will dominant through the ranks. The main character in both series tries to reach the top. The main male character in both series also has similar personalities. There is also drama, comedy, and supernatural themes in both series.
report Recommended by Stark700