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Fate-stay night has a number of similarities to Shaman King, but as a seinen series is overall darker and more character-focused. Magic takes on a larger role in F/SN than Shaman King. Both series revolve around a tournament fought with spirit allies over an incredible power.
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Two stories about competition between people with supernatural power
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Both series have story about summoning people from the past and use it for battle/tournament.
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Both are about a battle between Magi/Shamans that held per long period of time, battling each other using Spirits of warriors of the past. a battle which only the last one standing is the winner. To win the Holy Grail/Holy Spirit, something that gives the power to achieve one's dreams.
What are the characters dreams and goals?
And why they are participating in these battles?
Are these Servants/Spirits just tools to win the battles?
Both series hold these questions. However,
Shaman King is more about friendship, it's lighthearted with mush comedy.
While Fate/ Stay Night is darker and focuses more on characters   read more
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