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If you've ever found yourself wondering about what would happen if Light Yagami was a pitcher in a baseball series, instead of attempting to become a God using his notebook of death, then the answer is simple: One Outs. It was made by the same studio, Madhouse, and every aspect of the show - ranging from the dull colour choice and realistic art style to internalised thought emphasis - highlight this fact. It's impossible for anyone aware of Death Note to watch One Outs without thinking 'DEATH NOTE!'. Both the series itself and the way it was adapted are just too similar. Even the vibe   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
They don't rely on action but tension and suspense created from an ensuing battle of the wits. You could say that the Pitcher is to Kira as the Batter is to L or vice versa.
report Recommended by Danish
Death Note and One Outs both are the same "type" of show in that the approach to each episode's plot is the same: using psychology to try to outwit your opponent.
report Recommended by Sheepdude
The style of this anime makes me feel like i'm watching Light play baseball. I wasn't expecting much out of this anime at first, but it really drew me in. If you liked Death Note, you will definitely enjoy this anime.
report Recommended by StrokeTheLorax
They don't rely on action but tension and suspense created from an ensuing battle of the wits.
report Recommended by Bellcross
At a glance, they may not seem related. One is about baseball, the other mass murder. However, both series share a striking similarity. That is, they have excellent battles of wits and mind games. If you liked the things L did at the beginning to pinpoint Kira, or your mind was blown by the epic climaxes of Light's actions(Potato Chip scene for example), then you will probably like One Outs as well. Just as in the first half of Death Note, the pacing is excellent, and there is loads of tension as each scenario builds to a climax. Truly an excellent series for viewers   read more
report Recommended by LewsTherin
The way the teams are tryin' to make a fool out of each others is quite similar to L and Light.
report Recommended by kewlheit
One outs is similar with Death Note But One Outs is About sport. The way of figuiring out the problems from Death Note is almost the same as in One Outs but even Better
report Recommended by DevilMayCry_3
Both of these animes tantalize your brains. you will be wowed at the ingenious plans. In These two animes that are seemingly worlds apart (shinigamis and baseball), are really as similar as two animes can get. The key ingredient is the smartness, as some typically refer to as "brain-f***"
report Recommended by gwho
Although delivered in different circumstances, both series have psychological tendencies that shares a similar feeling and maintaining a sense of mind games between the characters. The main character in both series are intelligent, cunning, and always uses strategies to solve their conflicts. Mistakes can cost them big time but they always try to stay ahead of their adversaries. The main protagonists also has similar personalities and throughout the series demonstrates their intellect in various mind games.
report Recommended by Stark700
I know, that OO is a sporty type and DN is an action, but the way Tokuchi (OO) resolves problems in the game is similar to the way L does. I think OO has awesome OST, while DN has interesting plot. I think both titles shouldn't be compared, but both are worth to watch. I recommend them.
report Recommended by Patry-chan
Both shows use suspense to attract the audience. Both shows have an extremely intelligent main character. While both shows may seem very different, (gambling in baseball, and killing people) they are similar in how they attract the audience! If you liked Death Note, you will also like One Outs!
report Recommended by OnyLink
Both have many mind games between the main character and his opponent. Both are very thrilling and fun to watch. One Outs is more on the baseball strategies side whereas Death Note focuses on crime and mystery a bit more, but both have the same feeling when you watch them and are recommended.
report Recommended by Mayuka
In both animes the main person(s) (Yagami Light, Ryuzaki - Tokuchi) is very clever. They make you wonder about what will they do next.
report Recommended by krapcher
Although you wouldn't expect it, the feel of this anime is very similar. It's full of intense psychological battles and mind games - battles of wits. One Outs has the good qualities of death note with out the brutality. People who liked Death Note should give One Outs a try :) Basically, imagine Light as being a less paranoid, gambling baseball pitcher.
report Recommended by rogerwilco
Different genres, but they're really similar! Both anime series are about power of intellect. You can know nothing about baseball, but you'll do justice to Toa's tricky plans!
report Recommended by JoinEnjoy
Two genius's's (genii?). Masters of intelligence. One in murder. One in... Baseball? Many of you found the best thing about death note was Light outsmarting people when it appeared as though he had lost. The same thing happens in One outs with the same level of intelligence from Tokuchi. In fact, in one episode Tokuchi's inteligence in outwitting his enemies was literally jaw dropping. Some of you will be sceptical about a baseball anime. Dont be. This is Death note (in baseball). Would love to see Yagami and Tokuchi play some time.
report Recommended by Kissen49
the main characters of both TV series are one in a billion if you are up against them its better to die rather than have a face off with them . In One Outs tokochi goes out to conquer the world of baseball meanwhile Light is on a conquest to become god of this world they face many trails but get out of them by using thier brains and nothing else
report Recommended by DryClutch
Though of entirely different genres, both anime's protagonists engage in psychological battles with different situations they face, not to mention how similar Tokuchi seems to Light and similar art styles when their reasoning.
report Recommended by Mersha
Surely, One Outs is the sports version of DeathNote. Both main characters have badass brain and strategy. When you watch the first episode, I am sure you can not be helped to stop watching again and again till the final episode :D
report Recommended by henrywijayatama
Despite the very different themes, (OO's story driver: baseball politics; DN's story driver: power of death) both MCs are portrayed in similar respects. Both have high aptitude for critical thinking and an arrogance to match their "one-step ahead" thought process. They seem to always have the answers to unsettling and problematic circumstances. They each thrive on rivalry; (a noteworthy aspect in DN, to a lesser extent for OO)
report Recommended by Saul_L
One Outs is very similar to Death note in the fact the both could've turned out to be a classic sports and mystery respectively, but both chose the psychological route. But unlike Death Note, in One Outs it is not 2 geniuses dueling it out in a psychological game, but instead merely one man who controls all in the game like they were pawns. Both series were animated by Madhouse as well.
report Recommended by LPGeneratorx
One outs are the only anime like Death Note, just in sports genre. -Both anime contains genius characters.(like enourmous genius :)) -Quite similair atposphere and little bit dark -Mind games between the characters. -One outs has just one minus - unfinished story, if you wat to know how the story ends, you must read the manga (it's worth it)
report Recommended by garnett222
-both of those series have smart main characters -The Main Characters in those series try to outsmart their opponet and play mind games -Both very psychological anime the most significant difference is that One Outs is a baseball anime while Death Note isn't a sports anime and it's darker than One Outs
report Recommended by LouM
- They both are by the same production, Madhouse. - They both have characters who can manage to get out of tough situations in relative ease due to their impressive intellect.
report Recommended by Arham_4
toukuchi toua the main character in one outs is basically light yagami playing baseball. two shows are both psychologically beating your opponent. one is killing and the other is with baseball and gambling. tokuchi kinda looks like hisoka from hunter x hunter too lol
report Recommended by killerqueen2000
Both shows have intelligent protagonists, rogues and calculators, although we have some exaggerations and freaky things, both shows deliver good surprises and great strategies, the protagonists' anti-heroism gives a greater charm to both shows.
report Recommended by Okamidori
Both animes have main characters that make very carefull decisions by always calculating the odds. Main characters of both animes are always two or even more steps ahead of their opponents. Their protagonists have always everything under control and are not afraid of the outcomes. Both animes will make you a better speculator in life.
report Recommended by AnimeDoor
I got the same vibe watching One Outs as I did watching Death Note: - both MC's are calculating and extremely smart - they are relentless and will use any underhanded trick to stop their opponents - both have back and forth psychological battles that will keep you at the edge of your seat - both are very high-stakes (even One Outs, it is for millions of yen) - they are produced by the same studio Keep in mind that One Outs' psychological battles are centered around baseball though, so if you don't know the basic rules of the game, you should probably stay away.
report Recommended by Shion
The two main characters are masterminds in their own ways. If you liked Death Note for it's reflections and ruses, you will love the way One Outs evolves thanks to Tokuchi's (One Outs main character) stratagems.
report Recommended by Tgrover
Both Animes: -Have a Genius Main Character -Have the MC get into seemingly inescapable situations -Have battle of wits between two intelligent people
report Recommended by aenriq12
Both… …are psychological thrillers that deal with mind games and high stakes. …have an attractive, arrogant and super-intelligent main character. …rely on inner monologues and lengthy explanations of their complicated plans. …have amazing soundtracks and good animation. Death Note is a lot darker, as it is about life and death and the concept of justice. One Outs is an anime about baseball, but actually… it isn’t. I had no interest or a lot of knowledge in sports, especially not in baseball prior to watching One Outs, but it managed to hook me nonetheless. What little you need to know about the rules is always explained to the viewer. Death Note   read more
report Recommended by Leigh39
Both are psychological thrillers, even though in very different settings, but somehow give off the same vibe.
report Recommended by toothbrushsenpai
- Both made by studio Mad House. - Both main characters have an IQ of at least a thousand.
report Recommended by jappanini
Do you think that the one other show most similar to Death Note is Code Geass? If so, you're wrong. One Outs is the most similar to Death Note in terms of delivery and its protagonist that you can get while even calling it a different anime. On top of that, the pacing never slows down, there are plenty of funny moments, and it has a great group of supporting characters who don't steal the show or fade into the background; among all the works I've consumed, One Outs uses supporting characters the best for what they're supposed to do: support. And the villains are   read more
report Recommended by RaccoonLauncher
Psychological shows with smart main characters that have to always be a step ahead of their opponents. They were both made by Madhouse, and feature somewhat similar direction styles, often using red and blue to represent each of its characters.
report Recommended by Kiwii_121
Battle-of-wits psychological thrillers. Same studio. As others have said, despite sports and horror seeming far apart, these two shows feel very similar to watch; moreso than some of the other recommendations under Death Note.
report Recommended by DarkSbeve
- One Outs and Death Note do have a really different plot, however, psychological aspect in both shows is very similar. - MC in both shows is an extremely intelligent guy that uses amazing strategy to win in every possible situation
report Recommended by Nikiforova
Great character definition, Battle of wits. Tokuchi is way better than Light though. Death Note is entertaining and has a more intriguing story. One outs has better MC, better OP. Both are just great.
report Recommended by CaptainFreak
One Outs' main character, Toua Tokuchi, is basically Light Yagami playing baseball. Both are very clever and have psychological tricks. If you liked Death Note, it's most likely to enjoy One Outs too. Unless you don't like baseball.
report Recommended by NotVlady
The similarities between both of them: 1. Mind Games 2. Smart main characters 3. Psychological Both anime prove that "pen is mightier than the sword"
report Recommended by ShadowChrome21