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Death Note
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Death Note
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These two animes have similar genres and plot gimmicks including mind tricks, undercover agents and unbelievable plot twists -- AND they both keep you well at the edge of your seat.
report Recommended by silverloc123
The animation between the two series have a similar feel to one another. Furthermore, both shows deal with conspiracies, secrets, and deception. Definitely a good watch!
report Recommended by SilentMuse
Same Animation. Character. Feel/aura. Suspense. Similar soundtrack. The only difference is that Switch is not supernatural and spans 2 episodes.
report Recommended by k0k0
So similar! Hal, a main character is undercover in a drug bust, much like Light on the Kira case. Both were high profile cases, however there is a twist once there is an ultimatum, much like in Death Note towards the end. No supernatural powers but if you loved Death Note you'll love Switch too. I also recommend checking out "[ AMV] Kiss me Kill me - sWitch OVA" on youtube, it is a really cool video synopsis of the OVA, spoilers though!
report Recommended by kailamay
Different story,but with the same mystery type thriller. The characters are also have the same personalities expect two main characters are heroes, one of the person is evil. Switch is short that you may enjoy this show.
report Recommended by LegendGoldDark
Both have similar art. Character is very similar. both deals with death/ is somewhat "dark" both are amazing! Different: Story,but with the same mystery type thriller. Is not supernatural and only 2 ova episodes.
report Recommended by Rose007