Death Note, Ajin Recommendations

Death Note
If you liked
Death Note
...then you might like
- Similar in vibe and also soundtrack
- Ajin has a lot more action than Death Note
- Shinigamis and Ajins look similar
- Strong police force involved
- Anti hero characters
report Recommended by HumanMage
Both protagonists are very smart and intellectual.
Both MC's have to escape police
same voice actors, lots of action, pretty intense and keeps you wanting more.
Morals of what's right or wrong/ good and bad.
Both anime shows how different characters can be when we see their reasons for acting one way or another.
report Recommended by Hutai
the shinigami's in death note reminded me of the black ghosts in Ajin. and they are hunting on kira, second kira enz enz in death note. and they are hunting on Ajin's in Ajin.
report Recommended by Tender_Darkness
I find it similar to Death Note as both series' got me, personally, hooked on anime. Death Note was my first anime, and it's the reason I started loving it. After a while, I drifted away from anime, and nothing really made me want to watch it again. So I decided to go out of my comfort zone and watch an anime that i'd never really heard of; and I'm so glad that I did. Ajin has really made me love anime in the way I used to again. Give it a go!
report Recommended by demihuman11
both are absolutely thrilling rides with a heavy plot and clever excitement. there's cat-and-mouse stuff going on here (L and light/kei's group and sato).

the pace of *ajin* isn't nearly as fast-paced as *death note.* both are very psychological and similar in vibe.

both shinigamis and IBM/black ghosts have the same concept.

*ajin* has a lot more action

strong police forces are involved, which serves as a heavy antagonist.

both protagonists are anti-heroes.

morals of what is good or bad.

both show how different the protagonists can be when we see the reasons for acting in such a   read more
report Recommended by phxntomhiveghoul