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As soon as I saw Death Parade, I couldn't help but associate it with Death Note. Both series revolve around death and even though themes/plots are different in a sense, the atmosphere is quite similar. An ideal watch for those who enjoyed either of the series and if you are new to anime and only just finished Death Note and are looking for more, Death Parade is your next best bet.
report Recommended by RealExtinction
More people need to make this recommendation. Both anime are so eye gluing interesting you'll be hooked by the first episode! Amazing theme of passing judgment and morality. You'll feel that both are pretty fucked up and awesome cause of how human beings can be!
report Recommended by iamYuyaSakaki
They both evolve around the idea of death, and judgement. Death Parade is more on the comical side, however, the two contain drama and the work of higher-order beings. In my honest opinion, the two series had the same hooking ability, and I also found out that they are both made by Madhouse.
report Recommended by theninthtail
The unknowing of whether or not you're capable of saving someone is always a heavy thing to bear, at times it's something that's utilized, and at other times it's just a big drag. These seemingly young adults will much like death note reveal their background and the plot and story progresses and will have you busting your brain for not being able to comprehend what's going on at all times due to the series being so plot and psycho-complex for each individual character. It's truly amazing how the series finds order and pleases the audience even though a potentially big dissatisfaction due to opinions in   read more
report Recommended by Elsa
They were made by the same company, the plots are interconnected, but it's not something so close you can't watch one without having watched the other... But a previous knowledge of Death Note will make you go nuts with the plot! Great soundtrack, great animation, touching, fun, scary and very, very well-made.
report Recommended by lordusagisama
- similar genres: phycological, mystery, thriller - one or several character's true sides are shown - both animes deal with the theme of death
report Recommended by Denisecvo
Both anime are produced by Madhouse and have a similar vibe to them. They both deal with similar themes, like death and morality, and feature a main protagonist who passes his judgment upon people.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both have this great tension around dying or surviving from death and both are from the same makers. Both series always have a twist to their 'games' that has to do with escaping from death or really die.
report Recommended by Layme
Death note follows a series of Deaths by a man whom thinks he can pass judgment on criminals. He has a note book titled "Death Note" where he writes down the names and how they will die and think of their face while doing it. The police cannot figure it out and send someone to help, which is where L comes in. The similarities are very simple. They both pass judgment and both pretty much gore. There are more episodes in Death note so if you did enjoy Death Parade and haven't seen Death Note, your in for a ride.
report Recommended by kenztaco
Same production company. Very similar feel between the two shows. Death parade's ending is, in my personal opinion, better than death note's. The art style is also very similar, and there is even a Light cameo! :D
report Recommended by yookiyoh
The theme of both is death, and they have both a philosophical atmosphere.
report Recommended by donseendrutger
Both produced by Madhouse. Psychological and thought-provoking themes.
report Recommended by Nissi
-Both themes are about death -The main protagonists judge people (whether they live/die, or go to hell/heaven) -Both are deep psychological animes that make you think. If you like animes that make you think hard about life/death, or if you just like morbid animes, give these a try.
report Recommended by -Heika
Death Parade and Death Note are two amazing shows both made by Madhouse. It's all about judgement and they are psychological masterpieces. In Death Note MC has a "Death Note" which he uses to determine who is a good person and who is bad (trying not to spoil too much). In Death Parade, every time two persons meet each other in a bar, with a referee. And the referee needs to determine by the use of games who is a good person and who is bad (still trying not to spoil). Both shows give you a certain vibe and I really enjoyed both shows.   read more
report Recommended by BrandonMTA
-same creators -gods of death -dark type anime -lot of feels:D
report Recommended by Ackerman666
Mad house studio is all about some great death stories. This time we can see what happens behind the stage, after the reaper of death sends humans to meet their doom.
report Recommended by susan00
Same studio that brought you Death Note and, yet again, they didn't disappoint. That atmosphere which you really miss while watching Death Note, Death Parade will give you that.
report Recommended by TheDoggoneGirl
Don't be fooled, it's not only a similar title, these two share a lot more. Not only animated by the same studio, but these anime also share a common main theme: Death (thanks, Captain Obvious). Mysterious characters and plots that will hook to the screen and make you question the very core of Human nature. Who deserves to live and die? Who should go to "Heaven"? Many opinions and theories will be created depending on the individual and both anime present you big rewatch value. If you either watched Death Parade or Death Note and loved it, the other is A MUST!
report Recommended by INU4SH4
The series are executed very differently but have similar themes that contribute to their overall plot, so if you enjoyed one you'll most likely enjoy the other. Similarities: -The fate of people is put into the hands of the MC(s) -Psychological/dark themes are key points in the plot and bring out various reactions from the characters that show you them in different lights (Haha Light..) -The MC isn't the only one with their 'power' and they interact with others who have it as well, but usually with conflicting opinions There are some more similarities, but spoilers, so.. Enjoy! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
report Recommended by Ridoot
Death Note and Death Parade have a simillar mystery element to them, both trying to grasp the concept of what may be happening. The plot on both of these are very interesting, which will intrigue any anime lover. If you were looking for a shorter anime than Death Note, Death Parade is only 12 episodes, which may seem short but the whole story line is captivating. Also it's been known to having both similar art styles. This is due to the fact that they're both created by the same studio company: Madhouse. Just give it a try, otherwise you will miss out!
report Recommended by BeastyBeccy
own unique games occur in these animes. Some psychological traits of the game has been shown in both of the anime.
report Recommended by HellSlayingOtaku
both deal with heavy subjects such as death, human emotions and are both full of thrills and use psychological issues to further the plot. both a very good in-sight of the human mind.
report Recommended by Orcasaretasty
It has the same deep, psychological life or death shit, and arbiters who make judgement, which is similar to Death Note, I would even say although shorter, Death Parade is more enjoyable than Death Note, Death Parade even has a cameo from Light Yagami in one of the later episodes.
report Recommended by 606RFA
. Both anime revolves around "Death" . The atmosphere is quite similar . Both are produced by Mad House Studios . Romance aspect in both shows
report Recommended by Shxne
They're both about death (big suprise). Just like how the main characters in Death Note play mind games, in Death Parade they play actual games, with... death. A similar atmosphere and there is also a Death Note reference in Death Parade. I think if you enjoyed one, you'll enjoy the other.
report Recommended by FinNote
Honestly, if you haven't watched death note and have watched death parade, you are out of your mind. Death Note is amazing and super complex. it's amazing about how even tho the smartest of people who has everything made out for them can take things a little too far. PLUS I just really love the style of both animes.
report Recommended by SweetNerdRage
Death Note episodes always leave you in suspense and guessing what will happen next. It always feels like a mystery. Death Parade is very similar in that you have some mysteries to think about as you watch the series to try and discover the answers. These series both leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more.
report Recommended by CCC47
They both center around that theme of death, obviously. Yeah idrk they kinda both deal with beings from another world, kinda the afterlife or something. And both are action packed
report Recommended by TokyoFell
-They're both amazing animes made by Madhouse -Both cover philosophical subjects -Have brilliant scripts -The Subs and Dubs of both animes are great -The character Development is ON POINT -Both are about death (Durr) -They're both an easy watch being less than 50 episodes
report Recommended by Nanalan
Both Anime are about a character passing judgement upon others and his morality/justification for said judgements.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Based on human psychology and how to exploit it.
report Recommended by solbey