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Both shows: *Produced by Madhouse. *Main characters are accompanied by a being that is outside of their ''normal'' world. *Main characters hide their secret from everyone else. *People having ''mysterious deaths'', although the causes are different in each show. Although there are many differences, they are both great if you enjoy series with good quality and dark undertone.
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Both animes have a premise, death note being the death note, and parasyte being the parasyte. Both shows have characters that build and develop around this premise. which in turn also creates a thicken plot and interesting set pieces of story.
report Recommended by vasplar
In both shows the main character stumbles upon a supernatural power and has to hide it from everyone. He uses that power for what he thinks it's good for humanity. He also is accompanied by a cynical supernatural being that comes with that power and he is mostly the only one who can speak to it. These are dark, psychological shows and have a very similar atmosphere.
report Recommended by Aethyr13
I really found my self that i was rewatching Death Note with different Plot. Like 1) Cops are suspected of Light for being **** (censored) , same case for protagonist of Parasyte. 2) Human are being killed in both anime and cops are trying to solve it. 3) Shinigami Ryuk can be seen in terms of Migi (Parasyte, right hand of Shinichi) that no one know but him for both cases.
report Recommended by wasif_khan
Both shows have similar dark tones. They have some supernatural element connected to main characters who have to keep it secret.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
The same studios. Both characters have something to hide from other people and both feel psychological stress. Same atmosphere and dark tones.
report Recommended by Kns-
Both have very interesting plots that are thought-provoking. Both anime are REALLY good and are a big name for a reason. Both are great from beginning to end. Both have some hilarious moments in them!
report Recommended by SixLeafCloverOF
They both tell the story of a male high school student acquiring the titular power, which belongs to a supernatural being who proceeds to guide/support the protagonist as he uses this immense power with good intentions, with said power gradually and radically changing him. He keeps his power a secret from most people and is hunted after because of his association to it. He consequently gets increasingly involved with the police. With this same premise, they convey such different stories, as each anime has a power, a set of characters, and a progression, that is unique to their respective anime. Additionally, both anime come from studio Madhouse.
report Recommended by SekaiDarkness