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Though not similar in atmosphere and plot, both male protagonist have an incredible ability to solve problems heuristically and analyze situations in a way no other characters can.
report Recommended by RicardosFlick
-Both have the investigation/suspense setting. While DN is more ion the supernatural stull and minds confrontation Hyouka has a group with diferent abilities that try to solve the misteries.
report Recommended by Zaraquiel99
While Death Note takes itself more seriously with all the killing and thinking of oneself as god, Hyouka manages to one up it in the mystery department. Death Note has a lot of cool twists and turns so for those who enjoyed trying to guess at what would happen next or something along those lines I would recommend Hyouka. Although it is one of the numerous high school club shows and is therefor basically some sort of slice-of-life it stands alone because of its excellent writing. Every single mystery is solveable by paying close attention but most are too difficult to figure out. The animation   read more
report Recommended by PawnDa
If you liked Oreki's mystery solving in Hyouka then you'll be blown away by the deduction skills of the characters in Death Note. While Hyouka involves solving lighthearted mysteries in highschool, Death Note's mystery follows the path of a murderer. While the characters in Death Note don't exactly solve mysteries, they are masters of deduction, and their conclusions have a similar feel to when the mystery is finally solved in Hyouka. Now Death Note is a much much darker story than Hyouka, but if you enjoy these types of intellectual genius characters then you'll love Death Note.
report Recommended by Daktoa
I thought watching Hyouka...Wow. This is like DN so much. Both resolve some mysteries. Process and composition are truly very similar. The description is just consistent (Except DN's 2nd half), and most of them are convince. Both Protagonist, Light and Houtarou. They are so intelligent, and solve many problems around them. Houtarou seems like Poker face and Bluntness, but He is fervid and a good man at heart. Their Partner, L and Eru. They assist Protagonists with other persons (Hyouka's Kotenbu members). However, L is only a bit different. Main difference, DN's theme is incident society, Hyouka's theme is youth in school. DN is cruelty and mind, Hyouka have unique atmosphere.   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both manage to brew up shenanigans that Sherlock himself wouldn't have figured out.
report Recommended by CorrectOpinion