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Very similar in that there is a supernatural cause making people die. They are both thrillers but Death Note has some deep thinking aspects while Another is Horror
report Recommended by FFFTNere
Both are about killing without using hands but in Death Note the killer is the main but in Another the killer is unknown :> but you shall know at the end in death note they have eyes to see names of other people in Another Misaki has an eye to see the dead people and nearly dead ... both are amazing.
report Recommended by Waghham
They're similar in the sense that people are dying in the local area and the cause is unknown to the locals which creates some kind of word of mouth legend. With Another, it's set in a school and you don't know the killer. With Death Note, the anime is from the killer's, Kira's, perspective. The only difference I would say is that Death Note has more aspects of detective work than horror.
report Recommended by Hstar
They're smiliar in how they always makes you try to figure out what's going to happen, how they kind of have a detective story going on and it's all revolving around death. They are both amazing animes and if you like one be sure that you'll like the other!
report Recommended by yatton
Both have a dark, unraveling story that keeps you wondering what's going on. Death Note contains more tense action while Another quietly builds up its horror
report Recommended by Kyokise
both series deal about mysteries, dramas, thrillers, and tend to have a climate envolvente.bons characters with similar psychological profile. hope you enjoy watching. Good anime and manga at all. sayonara ;)
report Recommended by AkarinW
Very similar, with a strong history, and makes you think about everything and how this will end, i recommend, no doubt
report Recommended by deadmou55
Supernatural, detective, mystery, psychological and horror genres. Lots of deaths, good story, animation and music.
report Recommended by Hutai
If you like the creepy aesthetic, and the thriller aspect of Death Note you may enjoy Another. The narrative is completely different, but it's just as much of a thriller in my opinion. It's also a horror anime though, so be prepared for that.
report Recommended by BRAINIACx
Both are suspense animes that talk about death and its consequences. They both have a complicated plot which caches your attention from the beginning.
report Recommended by Sofia55
I feel like the action in these anime take place in the same univers. The atmospher in both of these anime is really similar and they have a dark but stil dinamic way to narate the story.
report Recommended by UndercoverDevil
The dark atmosphere surrounding the main characters in these detective stories is similar. However, the stories are different in the sens that, in Death Note, the main character does it, while in Another, the main characters are trying to figure out what the fuck is happening. With these, you're in for some serious thriller.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Do you like death? What beats watching people die? Nothing really. Another will show you some very creative death scenes, very much like those out of final destination, just better. Meanwhile, Death Note will show you death en mass. People will die left right and centre and you might be the only one left alive by the time you finish reading this. So why not take a potato chip, eat it, and sit back and watch as everyone you know and love is killed off in Game of - I mean Death Note and Another.
report Recommended by juliuscaesar387
Both are mystery anime in which the characters try to solve the case and find the reason for murders. There a lot of deaths in both of these anime and both of these anime are amazing in means of mystery and story. I deem Another to be better than Death Note because unlike Death Note, Another ends perfectly.
report Recommended by Sahil_K_Chandio