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Brothers Conflict
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Brothers Conflict
Who does the girl end up with? Both Anime play around with the Otome genre, but both actively choose to make who she - the main protagonist ends up with - not something given away. Both series feature beautiful artwork with a wide range of characters, but the plots are simple as well.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The main heroine from both series have similar personality. Both are surrounded by good looking guys who have fallen in love with her. Also they have a partner who helps them out when she needs it. They protect her and give her advice. Both series are based on a reverse harem visual novel.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both of them are adaptations from visual novels. Both of the heroines have no personality at all and have all the guys around them.
report Recommended by Ran-Mau
They both involve a girl who is surrounded by super hot guys and the girl is pathetic(no offence) and she has problems and is very quiet and mostly just talks to herself. They are very similiar, when you watch, you will know what i mean!!
report Recommended by steffi-kun
-Both main characters are surrounded by a lot of gorgeous guys -Both main characters have a sidekick that guide them (Ema-Juli) (Heroine-Orion) -Includes some tense romantic stuff -Unfortunately, both female characters are quiet/shy, usually thinks to themselves or chats with their sidekick -Based on an otome game -REVERSE HAREM =w= lol
report Recommended by akuichansera
Girls have kind of the same personality, both are loved by the guys around them, every guy gets his own episode.
report Recommended by Lwaxana
Both reverse harems following lead girls trying to figure out her relationships with the males in her life.
report Recommended by thatscottishgirl