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Both shows are about cute young girls who start from the bottom of the idol world and try to climb their way up. There are some similar archetypes such as the main characters have never practiced before but have some talent at being idols, and both shows have an elegant and mysterious popular idol that the newcomers are aiming to reach.
report Recommended by atlantiza
Both Idol anime Both about young girl how become idols Both Anime have special Idol cards Both Kawaii girls Lala and Ichigo are both equal good in their first audition!
report Recommended by shirley1994
Both resolve around young idols trying to sucess in the singing and acting carreer. The characters are also really cool and wich one has a very distinct and marcable personality. The songs and performances are really cool and both are SUPER CUTE.
report Recommended by UndineMary
Pripara and Aikatsu are similar in both concept and execution. Pripara's a bit more over the top, and focused more on a tighter cast of character and has more conflict, but they're both absolutely adorable idol shows that have optimistic themes, good music, and cute main characters. If you like one, you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by railgundizzy
A lot of things are similar to Aikatsu and Pri Para. For example, they are aimed towards girls. They are also about becoming idols, and have special idol cards. The characters are also very likable in their own way. If you liked Aikatsu, you may just fall in love with Pri Para!
report Recommended by TheAwesomeHannah
Pripara and Aikatsu! both have a feel good theme. The animes both heavily focus on a positive message and friendship. They are both happy, pleasing to the eye, and have very lovable characters. Both being idol oriented, there is happy-go-lucky music from both series. Both animes are targeted towards children, mainly young girls. So they are both very colorful, bright, and happy.
report Recommended by DJHARDYAOI