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Love Live! School Idol Project
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Love Live! School Idol Project
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A small group of girls trying to start a music-and-dance-related club in their school. They struggle to recruit members, and their goal is to participate in a competition. Cute girls doing cute things.
report Recommended by BreezeElric
* The anime starts with someone finding a new passion and forming a group about it. * Features A Highly strict, "Kuudere" Student Council President who is completely against the group, and a Vice president who is supportive of the group. * The group is forced to make The school building rooftop as their practice area. * The main character is an airhead of sorts * Features similar archetypes (Shy Girl, Tsundere, "Sheltered Ojou")
report Recommended by Kyrdua
Slice of life series with a group of characters coming together to do with they love. There is talent that exists among the characters of both series. The energy level is ecstatic with a strong empowerment to the story that drives the series' characters and their goals. Recommended for anyone into a slice of life with purpose.
report Recommended by Stark700
Hardwork,Practice,Friendship... They have a common goal on achieving their ultimate dream.
report Recommended by YukiNatsu
One is about dancing and the other is about idol groups. Both follow a very similar episode format, and both groups have a goal to compete in some kind of large or grandeur festival or competition. Both are slice of life with (though possibly debatable for Love Live) an emphasis on moe. Character dynamics and the way they all interact also feel relatively similar.
report Recommended by zanahorowa
Love cute girls dancing around in circles? Then look no further since both of these Anime includes cute girls dancing. The girls in both series are mostly on the rooftop practicing whatever they need to practice and the student council doesn't really want them around.
report Recommended by Jsnoob
Both anime started out with someone wanting to start a group. It takes time for the groups to be fully developed, meaning that a member or more is introduced into the group as the anime progresses. And seriously, there are certain scenes that felt very similar to each other.
report Recommended by SkyNoHoshi
Love Live is on music, while Hanayamata is on dancing. This two series talks about how teamwork and friendship can get through hardship to reach goals. Love Live and Hanayamata have characters with strikingly similar personalities. They have similar atmospheres too!
report Recommended by tara676
Girls creating a club (one for yosakoi, the other for idols, both involve dancing) and recruiting other girls along the way to participate in a competition, both anime mix cute moments and character drama, they also practice in the rooftop of their respective schools.
report Recommended by MetaThPr4h
A group of girls want to start a idol club in the school, they pay much effort on recruiting members and practicing for a competition. They share similar characters: Honoka & Hana - active, energetic, determined and not good at study Hanayo & Naru - ordinary, shy but want to change herself Maki & Yaya - perfect and tsundere Eri & Machi - the leader of Student Union, strict on other members Umi & Tami - behaving like Yamato Nadeshiko
report Recommended by lee960707