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Love Live! School Idol Project
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Love Live! School Idol Project
Wake Up, Girls!
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Wake Up, Girls!
Ambitious groups of idols who start from nothing and then strive for the top. Both contain a mix of comedic and dramatic moments, as well as a cast of likable characters (for the most part). Key difference is that WUG tries to show a more realistic portrayal of the idol business, while Love Live doesn't.
report Recommended by spiritpetals
Both anime are full of music and friendship! The music in both of them are very catchy, and get stuck in my head constantly. Even the lovable characters seem to have some resemblance to one another... Such as Yoppi & Umi and Hanayo & Airi. They folow around the plot of young idols trying to make it to stardom, but WUG is a bit more "life like" than Love Live, though. Both are excellent, and I highly recommend them. ^^
report Recommended by PixelatedFairy
Both about idols trying to become popular
report Recommended by vocaloidgirl123
One of the similarities of these shows is that in order for the company in case of Wake Up, Girls! and the school for Love Live! School Idol Project to not be closed, they had an idea from the famous idol groups in the respective shows to produce and create an idol group of their own. Secondly, both shows show the struggles and hardships in forming an idol group, how they will work together, and on how they can improve themselves for them to become more popular. Lastly, both shows have great songs for audience to enjoy.
report Recommended by Navizel
Both contain multi-girl groups fighting to be idols in Japan.
report Recommended by tosabori
Both follows the story of girls becoming idols from the beginning, characters growing up together and becoming closer, developing a beautiful friendship that sure will move some of you. (((also, every song is really catching and you'll end up singing to the ost without noticing!)))
report Recommended by Errour