Blood+, Hellsing Recommendations

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If you love vampire anime, this won't disappoint you :)
report Recommended by Pravilic
Both are about a quest to destroy vampires, by using vampires And they both have the same kind of dark feeling to it.
report Recommended by Seraph__
Vampires in modern age... done as such that oozes style.
report Recommended by AC-CESS
Both are about powerful vampires cooperating with organizations that specialize in killing vampires. The main antagonists are also engaged in mass producing vampires and are part of powerful vampire organizations.
report Recommended by hajil
Both anime are about killing bloodsucking monsters (vampires) to keep the world safe from those evil creatures. Both anime got the regularly dose of action, violence and bloodshed. So if you like those vampire based action anime, I'd say watch this.
report Recommended by Ryuuketsu
Both have vampires in them. Blood+ is not as gory as Hellsing, but they both have an interesting take on vampires, if your into that stuff
report Recommended by blissfulshadow10
Vampires and their exterminators (who happen to be vampires as well) - great action shows with catchy storyline and fearless characters will drag you into the world of nightmare that you do not want to wake up from.
report Recommended by susan00
Both are vampire stories, Hellsing is much darker, however Blood + shares some pretty dark moments too. Both main male characters kind of lead, protect and "educate" the female heroine, in really different ways, but the role is quite similar. Both female characters have issues with accepting their "vampiric" nature.
report Recommended by Vale_Baloo