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Well, the main storyline is more or less different, but the way the characters are drawn very similarly, as well as action scenes and blood. Also Blood+ is a dark anime and so is Claymore, so it would be good for those who like/love dark anime (sorry for stating the obvious...). Anyway both of them have very deep story-lines so I thought that people who like Blood+ would like this, because I think of Claymore when I think of Blood+.
report Recommended by Sarcastic
These two series have so many similarities that each of them can be considered an "alternate" version of the other... They're both top-notch anime series, so I'd say watch them both and witness the similarities for yourself
report Recommended by Kiana_VCL
Both feature girls/women who has a hack-n'-slash fest, killing monsters with their swords.
report Recommended by TheLlama
Blood+ has some similar elements to Claymore, such as the relationship between a helpless "brother"/"sister" and a cold-blooded killer of the opposite gender, that greatly sways either person's actions during the course of the show. In a sense , it's partially Claymore in reverse, here the purebreds go after the half breeds, but what matches these two up the most would be the high level of action, gore and dark mood that stays overcast most of the time. You'll probably understand once you start watching it.
report Recommended by lancelotgeass
Hot kick-ass girls with big swords chopping up monsters!!!
report Recommended by Kaminator
it has fighting scenes, protecting someone, fighting monsters, and others things you like in them:)
report Recommended by Hime-sama
Girl as the protagonist who fight bunch of monsters.
report Recommended by integra31
Blood+ and Claymore have something in common, and that is both are killing off monsters. They are both dark and gory. Blood+ has a longer story than Claymore but nonetheless they are still jampacked with blood spilling monster slashing scenes.
report Recommended by srsng
they both portray women who fight abominations that live off human flesh or blood warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! violent anime but cool ha ha love the action shows women who can kick ass!^^
report Recommended by hajar1
both bloody anime and both main char of the story weilds a sword. basicly the same... saya vs chiopterans ... and clare vs Yoma's but claymore has more blood sheds and more violence compared to blood+
report Recommended by ken127
Both series are full of blood and female characters that are very skilled with sharp metal objects.
report Recommended by shinigamidono
It has monsters and killing/blood as well.
report Recommended by Ihateanimealot
Monsters fighting monsters. Sword wielding female protagonist fighting very bloody battles against the grotesque as she tries to discover herself and protect what's important to her. Lots of blood, dismemberment and decapitations, mixed in with some camaraderie and family bonds.
report Recommended by dvice
"OMGZ THEY ARE BOTH GIRLS WHO ARE NOT FULLY HUMAN AND BOTH HAVE SWORDS AND KICK THE SHIT OUT OF MONSTERS OMG RUN ON SENTENCES NO PUNCTUATION!" - Almost every 16 year old with a keyboard in America. However, there's some truth to the above statement but I'd like to get into Blood+. If you really liked Blood+ and thought the story was riveting, loved the gore and the fight scenes, and loved Saya as a bad ass monster killing female main character, then you'll absolutely LOVE Claymore. Now, what I said about Blood+ is giving it a little too much credit. Don't get me wrong, I   read more
report Recommended by YouAreOuttaMy5
Action packed, gory, strong female lead characters, and story driven. Both use swords and are related to mythical beasts.
report Recommended by kamehameha
Both anime have a lot of blood, monsters, and fighting.
report Recommended by scienta
The main 2 similarites is that only a certain breed can kill these monsters even thou the humans can't technically. They are both serious girl characters who pursue monsters to keep the people safe but eventually find their own purpose.
report Recommended by Yetenekli
These two series are like siblings with many similarities that can be drawn upon. Both Claymore and Blood+ involves a lot of action dealing with the supernatural specifically demons. The main female protagonist (who both have skills in swordsmanship) in both series are literally weapons with extraordinary abilities. The only thing that keeps them from going insane are their companions. Additionally, both series' main female protagonist also has a dark past that is filled with tragedies and sorrow. Both series also involves organizations with their own purposes and enemies with dark ambitions.. Both series contain action, drama, blood, gore, and gets darker and darker as more episodes   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
While every show is unique in their own way, Claymore and Blood+ have a myriad of similarities that will make a fan of one show, a fan of the other. For starters, both shows revolve around the concept of monsters that consume flesh and blood. They are painted as evil, but in both shows the main characters are also connected to these vicious monsters they seek to kill. The connection is genetics though it is applied differently for each show. Besides that main concept, both shows involve powerful heroines who wield swords. They develop in different paths, as one show   read more
report Recommended by ChillyWilly
Both involve a powerful, not fully-human girl being able to slay demons that no ordinary person can. Both are accompanied by their male friends on their quests and later show signs of romantic interest. Both girls carry around swords which are used to annihilate the monsters. Blood+ is more dramatic and involves vampires, whereas Claymore is more of an action-adventure about mysterious demons called "yoma." The use of art in both is done spectacularly, and both contain unique, well thought-out plots—much different from the generic shows made nowadays.
report Recommended by Shiruvia-chanx
Protagonist are both vampire like monsters Main characters are genetically evolved and use swords Genres are horror and dark action Goal: Rid the world of the evil monsters Character abilities: supernatural strength and speed
report Recommended by Buddyperson
The main idea is similar. Good guys are essentially half bad (have parts of the body of bad guys in themselves, twin sister of the villain), fighting in both series are full of blood and slaughter, monsters are killed with big swords ...
report Recommended by ProlongedZebra
They both have to deal with a strong female lead and are "monster hunters " i use that term lightly because neither are really focused on hunting but instead a greater enemy. If you enjoyed blood+ then a similar yet not as good one is claymore.
report Recommended by Aoku_Caboose
Both series are more dark and gritty end of the spectrum of action. Both series revolve around a supernatural phenomenon and involve the main character having to journey around being faced with the dark reality of their world, that is not just as it seems on the first layer.
report Recommended by SylveonQueen