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Enjoy watching people play sports and have them use "powers" to help them win their matches? Eyeshield 21 and Prince of Tennis each contain their share of "strive to become the best player". They're also not very realistic, in that many characters achieve extremely difficult/amazing skills. Whether you like or don't like either sport, you'll still enjoy the "become the best" parts in both.
report Recommended by Xinil
Pretty much both anime revolve around the rise of a young superstar and their path to their respective sports' ultimate championship game.
report Recommended by VK11
Both are very long sport anime about school teams participating in competitions that get increasingly more difficult. Lots of interesting characters, very exciting plot, some humour.
report Recommended by Juxian
They are both intersting, fun to watch, and have awesome characters. They are both sport anime, and trust me even if u dont like sports at all and u r looking for something good to watch I definitely recommend them both to you. Not to mention they both make names to thier moves [well atleast most of the time].
report Recommended by chocolatemonster
Both are sports animes. While the main focus of Prince of Tennis is tennis (duh), Eyeshield 21 focuses on American Football. The main characters are also completely opposite of one another. However, after finishing Prince of Tennis, I craved more sports anime which led me to Eyeshield 21. I highly recommend both animes if you haven't seen them yet!
report Recommended by babybear08
EVERY character in Prince of Tennis has special skills and many of the characters in Eyeshield 21 does as well. Skills that can only exist in anime. These are used to make the games interesting to watch for the viewer. Both main characters while appearing different, they are both confident in their own abillities and are determined to win.
report Recommended by bimbambusse
Both have unrealistic moves and powers to help them with winning, and they are both long running.
report Recommended by MissKainan
Both is about sport, even though Prince of Tennis is (like the title says) about Tennis and Eyeshield 21 is about American Football. Both are about Teamwork and how they develope their playing and skills over the time.
report Recommended by Naru-Ghost