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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
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Itazura na Kiss
The main character is also a female student, whole initially has a rough start with the male lead.
report Recommended by jaxu3878
the first thing i thought when watching this was Kare Kano. extremely smart male lead and, differing from Kare Kano, a not so bright girl. they clash and give a very similar feel to KK. if you liked KK then you'll defintely like Itazura na Kiss.
report Recommended by mushimoto525
It's all about romance, drama and comedy, it keeps you wondering whats going to happen next, how the boy and girl are gonna get togheter, and the best part: it keeps you hoping for the couples to finnaly get together!!
report Recommended by uoli
If you liked Itazura na Kiss as much as me - be sure to check out "Kare Kano" ("Kareshi kanojo no jijou"/"His and her circumstances") - because it's awesome :) The series remind more than a bit of each other, in sense of feeling, although Kare Kano generally holds a little bit more serious tone. The stories are not similar in the least, but the authenticity and honesty of them are equal. Both these anime, are really among the most realistic lovestories I have ever seen or read in the world of manga and anime. Stories of love that most people can recognize themselves in   read more
report Recommended by Bambikill
[ENG] The beginning of the anime are the same, there is a Super Girl (Kare Kano) is a super guy (Itazura to Kiss) In the 1-m, it holds a secret that she loves attention and doing all that, she would always say: "What do you fellow" "I want to be like you", etc. therefore hard to study and stuff like that, but one day come home to her boyfriend and she was "not heavily made-up in the whole of begudyah" opens the door (thinking it's her girlfriend or someone else (here, I forgot = ( who exactly) and sees his school friend who did not depart from   read more
report Recommended by ZeDesu
Both are pretty similar-feeling shows, featuring a high-school girl who's pretty kooky falling in love with the high school's most popular guy, and then hilarity and drama ensue.
report Recommended by robfoster
Both have to do with high school love, the guys in both series are smart and cool, only difference is that in Kare Kano the main character is smart while in Itazura na Kiss she is dumb. Also Kare Kano is a little bit darker.
report Recommended by falloutluver
This anime is similar to itazura na kiss because their main subject is love. Both have interesting and funny things. And some of the characters are very interesting.
report Recommended by Anemix
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou or his and her complications is a bit of an older anime but it is very similar to itazura na kiss, and it will leave you satisfied. like Itazura it has a male and female who at first seem to hate each other however through a series of events and fortunes their relationship progresses and it leaves you with a happy feeling in your heart.
report Recommended by deathnote2468
Both are about a boy and a girl falling in love in high school Both have lots of character development Both deserve more attention
report Recommended by salujas