Kanon, Clannad Recommendations

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Both series have excelent graphics, a cute romance storyline and unexpected (yet captivating) phenomena. Also the episodes' opening story/narration is cool.
report Recommended by Blow
A whole lot of simiralities(cant spell) between the two, both would just grab you and make you wanna watch again and again!
report Recommended by Lemonside-
they are alot alike they are 2 like Kanon, Clannad and Air, out of the 3 Kanon is the best it had an amazing story and ijust loved it. it was sad, happy, funny, and just down right amazing!!
report Recommended by AntitheticMind
Different execution, but the same purpose. Kanon and Clannad, transmitted in its chapters the constant struggle of our characters to move forward, but they hide a past, a past of torment in their lives . We can appreciate the "magic" that spreads through the episodes, noting that here nothing is impossible, everything can happen. They also show us something like a space for each girl can tell her story, where our protagonist will always see involved, trying that they can achieve happiness they desire.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
both clannad and kanon are animes that will at 100% rate bring tears to you, unless you are some kind of monster :D In kanon you will like cry in every 3-4 episodes while in clannad you will also laugh thats the only diference
report Recommended by CaNNaBizZ
Both Clannad and Kanon are made by Key, so they both share the same styling. Both are male perspective and have a supernatural/romance.
report Recommended by RottenCabbage
Since the story was came from the same background (i mean producer and the source). these serial perfectly similar. When you watch one of them, you will remember each other. The special 'supernatural' thats always can roll your emotion existed on both of those serial
report Recommended by cimoci