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both have military setting with girls being capable in battle and strategy.
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
Both shows are about cute girls doing manly things and facing serious challenges along the way in accomplishing their goals. In Girls und Panzer, girls are competing with each other in tanks, while in Haifuri, girls are learning to become sailors to do naval patrolling. Also, both shows are written by Reiko Yoshida.
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
Both have almost exclusive female casts. Schoolgirls performing fairly realistic military battles featuring real ships and tanks. Both lighthearted on the surface but with some more serious tones at times.
report Recommended by Bajar
WoT vs Worlds of Warships-what you like more? Basically the same, some fuwa-fuwa girls participating in epic tank/warship battles. The main difference that in GuP it's sport and in Haifuri it's reality.
report Recommended by Vizvezdenec
Two stories about a group of high school girls participating in combat/military related activities. While the overall tone of the two anime can be quite different at times, many aspects do mirror each other. Lots of high action scenes during moments of combat, plenty of cute/moe moments between the characters, tiny flakes of fan service here and there, and a strong focus on friendship, camaraderie, and overcoming obstacles together as a team.
report Recommended by Mystifire
Practically the same thing, but it Haifuri is ships and Girls und Panzer is tanks.
report Recommended by szuncoll
Both are anime about High School girls commanding machines of war with cute clumsy girls screwing up from time to time followed by giant shells being fired from cannons. While Haifuri takes a more serious plot route, the tank battles in Girls und Panzer are non-lethal and more playful in nature.
report Recommended by An_ca_te
Obvious recommendation is obvious. Cute girls and warfare. Though in GuP it's more like a sport while in Haifuri it seems to be more serious
report Recommended by NeverMeltIce
The battles of these series are so intense!Both series are full of cute girls to love.The main characters have a strategic mindset in battles and they always care for others ending up always saving them and abandoning their duties.
report Recommended by James_kun_007
Both are pretty similar. One has high school girls operating tanks and the other has high school girls operating ships. If you liked Girls und Panzer, I definitely think you will like High School Fleet, I actually enjoyed it more.
report Recommended by Iskall_Dryck
Both MC are very simillar, as well as their crewmates. Both anime are pretty much the same, except Haifuri doesn't have sport elements and contain some serious battles. Except for that, both anime are the same and give the same vibe.
report Recommended by hiddentheory
Haifuri is basically Girls und Schiff. Both anime involve girls utilising strategy and teamwork to achieve their goals. Both have a pretty big cast of loveable characters with distinct personalities.
report Recommended by PettankoFTW
Basically Girls und Panzer but with ships. Military setting where a bunch of cute school girls are put in charge of serious military hardware. I'm no expert on tanks or ships, but both shows appear to try to be serious about portraying actual piloting their tanks/ships, requiring all the crew to work together with a leader who is a very good person but lacks confidence in themself.
report Recommended by ninj4
Kawaii girls and military.
report Recommended by TheRenfri
Moe Girls doing Warfare.
report Recommended by Jackstyle
little girls are fighting against other girls. With tanks and boats. Yup, that's original. By the way, both animes are good imo : if you like one, you might like the other one too, and vice versa.
report Recommended by Mr_Vodka
You cannot watch one without thinking abour the other. I really liked this one's atmosphere, which is as likable as GuP's. A very similar plot , although tanks are replaced with warships. MC is also captain of her crew, all teenage girls, who fought enemies, not for competition as in Girls und Panzer, but for wipe out an epidemic.....I won't say anymore
report Recommended by mika06
Both very good though haifuri with ships
report Recommended by The-Harvester
Take a tank or ride a battleship
report Recommended by NutSR