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Same studio and similar animation, both plots deal with the protagonist and her dream of achieving a certain goal (In Tari Tari the main girl wants to sing while in Glasslip the main girl wants to be a glassmaker). Also there is a transfer male student who joins the group of childhood friends. Both deliver slice-of-life vibes with a touch of romance.
report Recommended by Orulyon
Life has to be lived to the fullest and in the midst of it, fond memories will be made. 'Glasslip' gives off a captivating vibe on the joys of life in a slow manner and throughout it all, reveals a captivating gift. Relationship adds to the sweet touch of an already close friendship shared between one and another. 'Tari Tari' excel in musicality superiority and present life as it should be. One must be focused in order to dream the DREAM and achieve the fundamental goals. Friendship must never be disregard regardless on how successful of a path is taken.
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Characters are very similar - look and personality wise. Same production house. Both are fun, quick, but Glasslip appears to have more complex characters. Tari Tari is a little simpler.
report Recommended by Kundalini
Essentially the same slice of life tropes and slow paced feel. They differ from each other by having the passions being glass making while the other is singing oriented. Glasslip is a love drama, whereas in Tari Tari, has no love interests as a plot focus. Also Glasslip does have a slight supernatural aspect to it in which the main characters have premonitions of the future.
report Recommended by vasplar
•both are produced by the same animation director and company •both are situated during their school time, almost close to graduation, centered around a group of friends •both have the same aura/sense of feeling as your watch them both, besides the animation style being the exact same, you can just tell if you have watched one, that it will be similar to the other •both groups of friends, struggle with relationships and feelings throughout their course of adolescents, setting off flags for each other or falling short •they are both similar in the way, the anime focuses on a group of friends, throughout their days of highschool   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
These two gave the same feel to me and I just found out that they are from the same studio, so that might be it. The art is great in both and the comedy is similarly well-done, usually in the form of funny situations or small plot developments. Both anime are slice of life dealing with friendship with bit of romance stirred in. The stories center on a group of close-knit friends who go through the good and bad times together. They deal with personal issues and conflicts between each other. Each character in the group will have episodes connected to his/her   read more
report Recommended by mafu