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Tari Tari
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Tari Tari
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Love Live! School Idol Project
It's about some students that work hard to achieve their goal and also protect their beloved school.
report Recommended by RKO48
-Similar cast of characters -Similar plot -Both are musical anime
report Recommended by Hatsuyuki
If you generally like high school girls trying to form a club to sing music, then this is the type of show you might like.
report Recommended by xForgettable
Both series features a lighthearted setting where young high school girls are in a club together and doing what they love - music. Both series takes place at high school setting where comedy and drama are present. Both series follows a similar slice of life sequence. Both series' female cast characters has contrasting personalities - some enthusiastic about the club while others takes a little encouragement to pursue what they hope to do.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both try to sing to save their school, at first they are looked down upon and seen as a group with not much potential, but then they get better and more popular. In Love Live, the primary goal of starting the idol group was to save the school. In Tari Tari they started their musical group without knowing their school was going to be torn down, it's a problem that happens later. Both are music centered.
report Recommended by Clouded-Flame
Both have to do with singing and very much alike in a lot of ways.
report Recommended by chrisrophwe
On the surface, both series share a theme around music. On a deeper, more meaningful level, music is used as a way for the main characters to grow and develop relationships among each other. Furthermore, both series share a very similar premise. Basically, both are a group of music enthusiasts who come together in a club setting and strive for a common goal. The main difference is that in Tari Tari, relationships are tested throughout the course of the plot; in Love Live!, they are not.
report Recommended by -Remix-
Both feature an MC who is extremely passionate about a certain activity and want to form a club. However, both face many problems in officially establishing the club and face problems recruiting new members. Both anime does feature moments where they dive into individual members' background story and their problems and hurdle they need to overcome.
report Recommended by TheRockzSG